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Jimmy Kimmel

NCAA Basketball

Jimmy Kimmel Asks America If They Can Name A College Basketball Player, And They Fail, Hilariously

Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News somehow never gets old. He asks people an easy question and they look dumb. Up for March Madness: Can you name a single college basketball player?

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That Sochi Wolf Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank

Part of me wants to hate Jimmy Kimmel for spending 15 hours (or, rather, making his crew spend 15 hours) building a fake Olympic hallway and hiring a wolf just to get one over on people. The other part of me thinks he makes a good point about the social media age of news reporting, where we tend to take things as they appear and run with it. But that other part of me still hates Jimmy Kimmel.


Bandwagon Heat Fans Thinks LeBron James Will Come Back From His Bruised Vulva, Know Many Facts About Their Favorite Team

Heat fans are excited for “Stalin” to come off the bench in Game 4.


Kimmel Pokes Fun At New Tiger Endorsement Deal With Nike Commercial Spoof

Tiger Woods Forbes richest money

Tiger Woods has regained the top ranking spot, his position as the world’s highest-paid athlete, his sex life with the help of skier Lindsey Vonn, and now finds himself in old form once again. He is set to sign a new Nike endorsement deal in the coming week. Jimmy Kimmel found time to poke fun at the deal with a spoof Nike commercial.


Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘This Week In Unnecessary Censorship’ Discussed Jason Collins, As Well As Tim Tebow Fellating Himself

Jimmy Kimmel often says funny things on his TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. A few days ago, huis “This Week In Unnecessary Censorship” sketch was funny, and it included things from sports! It even referenced Tim Tebow fellating himself. For that reason, we will present it to you. Obama’s honesty is truly refreshing.

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Kobe Still Says He’s Retiring Soon, And We’ll Still Believe It When We See It

The Lakers are finally winning and making a genuine playoff push – really, does anyone believe they won’t grab one of those last Western Conference spots by now? That playoff push seems to have Kobe in a good mood – so good that he’s laughing it up with Jimmy Kimmel.

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Lose To A Two-Year-Old Trick Shot Artist In Basketball

Remember Titus, the two-year old who is really cute and really good at basketball trick shots? Well, he went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and took on Jimmy Kimmel in basketball. He won. The heated competition, after the jump.

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Erin Andrews, Erin Andrews’ Legs Appear On Jimmy Kimmel

Within 30 seconds of being on Jimmy Kimmel last night, former ESPNer and current FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews made a joke about her legs not being as nice as Cameron Diaz’s. And all we can say to that is: Stop it, Erin Andrews.


LeBron James Subtly Threatened To Kill Everyone’s Family Moments Before The Heat’s Closeout Game

During Chris Bosh’s surprisingly endearing appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night, we got a little peek into the night the Miami Heat won the title. In addition to the largely unimportant details (the Heat didn’t get to Club LIV until 4 in the morning, Bosh himself stopped at Taco Bell beforehand, and LeBron James didn’t know all the words to the songs he was rapping) we also heard what James told his teammates moments before the biggest game of their lives. And it was dark.

Media MonsterNBAVideoWeird But True

Mike Tyson Serenading LeBron James In Song Is Creepy, Fascinating

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mike Tyson performed what is sure to become his new hit single, “LeBron.” Iron Mike was looking to fill the void of basketball-related songs in our hearts, I guess. Instead, he filled the void of “WTF videos” in our posting schedule. [Via Buzz Feed]

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