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Joakim Noah

Extreme SportsNBAVideo

In Celebration Of All This Beautiful Snow We Were Lucky Enough To Get This April, Here’s A Video Of A Jet Engine Snowboard

Don’t be sad, Joakim — snow can be fun! Just strap a giant battery pack to your back and hold onto that electric jet engine for dear life. No…wait, you’re hold it the wrong way. NO! JOAKIM COME BACK! JOAKIMMMMM!!


Meet Joakim Noah’s Father, Who Is Definitely Joakim Noah’s Father

We never doubted Yannick Noah’s paternity claim to Bulls center Joakim Noah. But after watching his sideline interview during the Heat-Bulls game yesterday, we can say with absolute certainty that, yeah, they’re related.


Joakim Noah, World’s Most Awkward Soccer Goal-Scorer

Joakim Noah Soccer Goal CelebrationHow do you lose a 6-foot-11, goofy mofo near the box?


Heat And Bulls Refuse To Shake Hands At Tipoff, LeBron Gets Decked By Nazr Mohammed

LeBron James and Nzar Mohammed go at it in the 2nd quarter of last night’s 104-94 Heat victory in Chicago. More violence from the NBA Playoffs installment of Friday Night Smackdown after the jump, including Noah vs Birdman and Nate Rob swatting LeBron.


What Happened Last Night: A Controversial Ending To Nuggets-Bulls, Miami Extends Streak To 23

Seriously: you missed an insane night of basketball.


What Happened Last Night: The NBA All-Star Game, For Six Minutes In The 4th Quarter

Too focused on “The Walking Dead” or Showtime’s Sunday television lineup? That’s fine, we get it. The NBA All-Star game was its usual dunkfest with specks of effort, so here’s what you missed.


Joakim Noah Feels Bad About Shooting A Three So Fans Could Win Big Macs

No, he doesn’t feel bad about the Big Mac part. Everybody loves Big Macs. That special sauce is just so damn SPECIAL. What Noah regrets is chucking up a last-second three in an already clinched victory, rubbing defeat in the face of his opponent.

NBATabloid Fodder

Something Mysterious Happened Between Former Arizona Basketball Player Nic Wise And Joakim Noah’s Girlfriend…We Think

Let’s see if we can break this down in an orderly fashion: Nic Wise, who used to be a point guard for the University of Arizona, posted an Instagram photo on Twitter of a text conversation he was having with a certain young lady…or who he thought was a certain young lady.


Joakim Noah Does The Shimmy-Shake Crossover, Actually Breaks Some Ankles

Poor Thaddeus Young. He got fooled by the one man they tell you will never fool another on the basketball court. He got shook by the dude whose greatest move is the “chest pass jump shot” plus the “ridiculous finger guns every single time he scores.” He got his ankles broken by the guy who, well, doesn’t break ankles. We’re talking about you, Joakim Noah, and damn if we aren’t impressed.


Joakim Noah Shows That He Doesn’t Care About Glen Davis’ Feelings With This Dunk

Nothing like a perfectly executed pick n’ roll. Oh, and the dunk afterwards –where Noah throws it down and Davis falls off him like so much Big Baby — is pretty good too.

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