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Johnny Manziel

CommercializationNFLSportsGrid OriginalsVideo

Johnny Manziel’s Nissan Commercial Converted To A Horror Film Trailer

What if the commercials never stop? What if he’s all ESPN ever talks about for the next 12 years? Have we created a monster?

NFLVideoVideo Games

NFL Rookies Predict/React To Their Madden 15 Ratings

Rookie ratings rarely deviate from the draft order — which is funny, because so few first rounders actually play up to their potential in real life.

NFLSports & Business

People Still Love Buying The Jersey Of The Browns’ Backup Quarterback, For Some Reason

johnny manziel browns

Don’t mind that the Browns’ QB position is probably one of the least secure in all of sports… Johnny Football defies all logic.

NFLPolice Blotter

Pranky McPrankerson Nailed For Concocting Johnny Manziel Faux Lawsuit

So it turns out that Johnny Manziel’s penis does not give anyone nightmares. That we know of at least…


Woman Seeks $25 Million In Damages After Johnny Manziel Allegedly Texted Her Photos Of His ‘Small Penis’

If you’re gonna file a frivolous lawsuit, at least make it funny. Say things like, “Seeing Manziel with his small penis caused me emotional distress.” Accuse him of photographing his penis in a hotdog bun and texting it to you on Christmas. Get creative.


Here’s Professional Johnny Manziel Playing Football As A Member Of The Cleveland Browns

The 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft looks sharp playing against ghosts in a 15-minute run-through of the Browns offense. Why don’t we just give him the Lombardi Trophy now and get it over with.


The Cleveland Browns Could Be The Next San Francisco 49ers

brian hoyer

I can’t believe I’m writing this either, but here we go: The Browns are in good shape. They had an excellent 2014 Draft, where they filled several needs and drafted at a position where they were potentially already settled: quarterback.


Hope Everyone Enjoys Wearing The Jersey Of The Browns’ Backup Quarterback


Media MonsterNFL

Let’s Stare At A 21-Year-Old’s Face And Watch It Change As The Rest Of His Life Unfolds In Front Of Us

manziel water

Let’s stop looking at this guy’s face, or into his past, or at his dick, and instead give him a chance to play football.

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