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JR Smith


Oh Right, That’s Why J.R. Smith Is An NBA Player

jr smith dunkHe can be explosive and downright deadly when he’s on. Now, where’s that “ON” switch, so we can staple it into the affirmative position for the rest of the season?


We’ll Hit Him While He’s Down: How J.R. Smith Uses His Kids As A Social Media Shield For Criticism

We should start calling him “P.R.” Smith, because every time something bad happens, he Instagrams some phoney inspirational message and a picture of his daughter. This is how he does business. He should be ashamed.

NBAThey Said What?

Adrian Wojnarowski Wrote An Absolutely Brutal, Must-Read Takedown Of J.R. Smith

jr smith

“The clown prince of basketball” gets a serious beat down from one of the industry’s most respected writers. Also, Smith was benched as the Knicks took down the Heat last night. Coincidence?


AOL Originals Details J.R. Smith’s Obsession With Tattoos

So much for Mike Woodson’s Twitter ban…


Did J.R. Smith Just Put A Hit Out On Brandon Jennings?

Brandon Jennings might have just blown the lid off some shady financial stuff going on at MSG involving the Creative Artists Agency and the Smith brothers. So how does J.R. respond? He threatens to send “street homies” to put “#Detroit on smash” — whatever that means. Controversy in the works, people.


Dear J.R. Smith, We’d Like You To Buy This Romanian Rescue Vehicle Because We Think You’d Like It

It’s really cool and big and can drive over rivers and stuff and you already own a tank. Thanks.

The SportsGrid Automotive Group

Not Sports RelatedVideo

Hey Internet, Quit Bitching About How Sports Figures Commemorate 9/11, Ok?

911 keith olbermann

Come on, guys. You know when someone is being insensitive and when something just doesn’t come out right.


New York Post Learns J.R. Smith Tested Positive For Weed, Photoshops This For Their Backpage

Please submit your entry for our New York Post inspired headline contest regarding J.R. Smith’s most recent indiscretion.


J.R. Smith Has Been Suspended For Violating The NBA’s Anti-Drug Policy, Duh

knicks news

Guess he’s into all sorts of pipes…


Jalen Rose Makes His Case In Defense Of J.R. Smith And The NBA Clubbing Culture (VIDEO)

Jalen Rose has been on a roll lately dishing dirt on the NBA’s social underbelly. After telling Grantland about how players strategically keep their girlfriends and wives separate in the stands, he justifies the party-monster lifestyle of players like J.R. Smith. “We get out of the stadium at midnight.” Great excuse to blow my ticket money on a few bottles of Cristal you’ll chug ten hours before 3PM tip-off.

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