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Keith Olbermann

ESPNMedia MonsterVideo

Somebody Needs To Show Keith Olbermann This LeBron-tastic Screencap From Yesterday’s ‘SportsCenter’

espn lebron loveThe only part of the screen that doesn’t have to do with LeBron’s performance is the ticker on the bottom, and that’s just bad timing. This portion of the show was basically “LeBronCenter.”

ESPNOlympic SportsSports & PoliticsVideo

Keith Olbermann Puts The Stray Dog Mass Exterminations Into Perspective

The Sochi games haven’t even started yet and they’re already the worst Olympic in history. (And they’ll only get worse.)

Media MonsterNFL

You Almost Had Us With That Tim Tebow Analogy, Chris Kluwe…

chris kluwe olbermann…and then you tried to tell us that Tim Tebow was better than other backup quarterbacks in the league right now.


Keith Olbermann Reminds Us: The First Guy To Use PEDs (Injections Of Mashed Up Monkey Glands) Is Now In The Hall Of Fame

olbermann monkey glandsFrom curved hockey sticks to dunking, much of what we now love about sports was once cheating. Keith Olbermann explains the hypocrisy of almost every sports-related outrage we have today, after the jump.

Media Monster

Keith Olbermann Fired Back At Mike Francesa With A Solid Impression And Very Mean Words

Keith Olbermann has fired back at Mike Francesa’s wonderful rant, and as expected, it’s also wonderful. World-class arguing from these two. Hope it never stops. Video, after the jump.


Keith Olbermann Explains Why Baseball’s World Series Ratings Have Sunk So Low

We’ve been discussing the MLB’s poor World Series ratings this week, and Olbermann, on “Olbermann,” has figured out the root of baseball’s problem.


Keith Olbermann Points Out The Obvious: The Yankees Are In Serious Trouble

olbermann canoAn infield of Lyle Overbay/Mark Teixeira, ???, Derek Jeter/Eduardo Nunez, and ???. Sounds promising.

NCAA Football

Keith Olbermann’s History Of Bo-Pelini-Esque, Vulgar Sports Rants Is Awesome

Keith Olbermann Bo PeliniOlbermann did an awesome history of curse-filled rants in sports last night. Here it is, in all its vulgarity, after the jump.

MLBShut Up

Keith Olbermann Destroyed MLB For Its Greed Regarding The Washington Navy Yard Shooting

Keith Olbermann

You’re going to really hate MLB after you watch Keith Olbermann expose the league’s greed in the wake of a tragedy.

NFLShut Up

Shut Up, Pete Prisco (And Thanks, Keith Olbermann)

Pete Prisco DumbShut up, Pete Prisco. Stop being an insensitive idiot.

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