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Keith Olbermann


Keith Olbermann Goes All Baseball Nerd On Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour

Everyone, just relax about Derek Jeter — the baseball oracle is here to enlighten us about how we should be honoring Jeter relative to his statistical contribution to the sport.


Keith Olbermann Is The New Commissioner Of Baseball*

Keith Olbermann lobbies the newly elected commissioner Rob Manfred with changes he’d like to see made to America’s oldest, dustiest, spittiest, crotch-grabbiest game.


Keith Olbermann Complete’s Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Daniel Snyder Because He’s Keith Olbermann

Only Olbermann would say “Avanti” before getting ice bucketed. A complete rundown of every sports-related dousing, plus his tongue-in-cheek challenge to Washington’s NFL team owner Dan Snyder, after the jump…


As Baseball Becomes Less Popular In America, MLB Plans Regular Season Games In Europe

Is baseball “America’s pastime” anymore? Not according to the ratings. So we should have no problem shipping the game overseas, right?

ESPNNFLSports & RaceVideo

Holy Crap, Watching Dan Snyder Justify The ‘Redskins’ Name Is Flat Out Scary

When Keith makes this face, you know he’s bout to lay the smack down on some rich, ignorant, culturally insensitive jabroni ass. BOOM!

ESPNSocial Media

Keith Olbermann Spent Sunday Afternoon Berating A Right-Wing Troll On Twitter

Some people play golf, Keith responds to conspiracy theorists who think ESPN is owned by NBC and Keith is their “puppet.”


Keith Olbermann Went Predictably Nuts Over The Ray Rice Suspension (Or Lack Thereof)

This suspension is turning out to be a nightmare for the NFL, who are getting grilled for going easy on “wifebeater” Ravens’ RB Ray Rice.

2014 World CupOp-EdSoccerVideo

Hey USMNT Fans! We Need Our Own Soccer Identity, So Stop Commandeering European Culture

We’re the country that produced Gucci Mane. Stop acting like you’re above that. Embrace it. Let’s make soccer fit into our quirky American identity, not the other way around.

MLBSad thingsVideo

Keith Olbermann Brings Himself To Tears Remembering Tony Gwynn

olbermann gwynnIt takes a lot to laugh — it takes even more to make Keith Olbermann cry.

ESPNMedia MonsterVideo

Somebody Needs To Show Keith Olbermann This LeBron-tastic Screencap From Yesterday’s ‘SportsCenter’

espn lebron loveThe only part of the screen that doesn’t have to do with LeBron’s performance is the ticker on the bottom, and that’s just bad timing. This portion of the show was basically “LeBronCenter.”

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