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Kenneth Faried


Curry, Faried, Harden Shoot From The Bench – Like Most Lazy Americans Would

Curry, Faried, Harden, Shooting ContestThe NBA posted a video of Stephen Curry, Kenneth Faried and James Harden trying to make shots from the bench during break in a Team USA practice in Spain.


Kenneth Faried To TMZ: ‘My Dick Is Big’

The video is hilarious, and Faried is definitely a bit tipsy.


What Happened Last Night: Highlights Galore At The NBA Rising Stars Challenge

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s NBA All Star weekend, it’s Michael Jordan’s birthday weekend. All Star festivities kicked off last night with the Rising Stars Challenge (sorry, Celebrity All Star Game) and the league’s next generation gave us a taste of the action yet to come.


Dwight Howard Was Ejected For Shoving Kenneth Faried In The Face

There were a lot of notable plays in the NBA last night – everything from J.R. Smith’s game-winner to Dwyane Wade kicking Ramon Sessions in the balls to Dwight Howard shoving Kenneth Faried in the face. Except only Howard’s play earned an ejection.

Controversy!NBAVideoWeird But True

Matt Barnes Won’t Stand For Lamar Odom’s Kindheartedness

With his Los Angeles Clippers leading the Denver Nuggets by 19 with just seven minutes left, Lamar Odom took out Kenneth Faried, unintentionally. As many decent sportmen would do, Odom stuck out his hand to help Faried up. It was Christmas, fergodsakes.

But noted miscreant Matt Barnes wasn’t having it, stifling Lamar’s attempt at kindness.

It’s pretty pathetic, pretty strange and absolutely hilarious. Matt Barnes probably knocks down old ladies crossing L.A. streets if they look like Lakers fans. Hey, lady. You look like you had already formed your allegiance by the ’70s when we came around… I don’t believe that CP3 shirt you’ve got! Down you go! I don’t help enemies!

Harrison Barnes would like you all to know that there’s no relation.


Kosta Koufos And Ty Lawson Don’t Want Any Part Of Kenneth Faried While He’s Puking

You have to appreciate the slow maturation of this process – the initial puke, the secondary lurch, the player-by-player exit from the bench, the seemingly oblivious equipment guys, the “Oh, you just puked, here’s a Gatorade bottle” guy, all of it.


Kenneth Faried, Chasedown Block Connoisseur

Recently, CBS’s Matt Moore paid the Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried the back-handed compliment that he “does 9 bad things to 10 good per minute.” After watching this, though (and an additional gif after the jump), we’re ready to say the nine bad things are worth it.


Kenneth Faried Is No Longer Having Much Fun In Summer League

The Nuggets forward known as the Manimal was minding his own business, playing some Summer League ball, when he took a shot to the face off a loose rebound. That, coupled with Reggie Miller’s commentary, makes this video tough to watch. Check it out after the jump.


An NBA Rookie Gets The First Points Of His Career On A Behind-The-Back, Over-The-Head Alley-Oop

Denver Nuggets rookie Kenneth Faried had a memorable moment last night against the Sacramento Kings, when he scored his first career bucket by way of an over-the-head alley-oop dunk. Hey kids, this isn’t your grandfather’s first NBA basket!

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