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Kevin Garnett


Kevin Garnett And Paul Pierce Returned To Boston And Received Heart-Melting Tributes During The Game

kevin garnett paul pierceIt took us until late January, but the Nets finally played in Boston for the first time since trading for Celtic legends Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

NBAThey Said What?

Kevin Garnett Made A Booty Call And His Jump Shot Showed Up

Whenever you can compare your offensive skill set to a woman agreeing to engage in coitus with you at your behest, it’s a win.


KG Beats By Dre Wireless Studio Headphones Commercial Remastered (With A Way More Appropriate Song)

Kevin Garnett channels his inner angsty teen to get psyched up for games. Watch him drown out the haters with this remixed version of the newest Beats by Dre commercial…


It’s Official: The Brooklyn Nets Hate The Miami Heat

These two teams are going to have the most brutal/awesome playoff series since the 90′s. Pierce drilling LeBron, and Kidd’s retirement ceremony, after the jump…

NBAReal Estate

Kevin Garnett’s $4.85 Million Mansion Is Very Kevin Garnett

kevin garnett houseWhen I imagine Kevin Garnett’s house, I think of two possible scenarios: 1) A fortress cathedral built into the side of a mountain, where his running water comes from thunderstorm runoff and his food is delivered to him, freshly killed, by his loyal servants, and 2) This place.


Symbolism And Beef: Lala Vasquez Gave Carmelo A Gigantic Boxing Glove Cake Last Night

After the worst playoff series of his career, Carmelo Anthony and his wife Lala can finally stop picturing a nude Kevin Garnett. Hopefully. We break down the possible meanings of this photo after the jump.


Here’s A Fan Yelling “KEVIN!!!” At Kevin Garnett For One Minute Straight

Why? Why do you, fan, sit there, yelling “Kevin!!!”? To what end? We may never find an answer to that elusive question, but we can nonetheless appreciate Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy’s willful ignorance. KEVIN!-KEVIN!-KEVIN-great-sceen-by-Dwight-Howard-there-KEVVVIIINNNNN!!!


Watch Notoriously Calm Person Kevin Garnett Do Yoga

Kevin Garnett is a very many thing. Basketball player. Boston Celtic. Forward. Center. Aggressor. Hot-head. Bully. Dick. Yogi. As in, a person who does yoga. The calming effect of yoga doesn’t have any apparent effect on the hurtful-word-wielding KG, unless it does, and this man is a true monster whose true colors we haven’t even come close to seeing.

Media MonsterNBAVideo

Craig Sager’s Wardrobe Finally Earns Kevin Garnett’s Approval

TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager wears horrible suits all the time. It’s his shtick. You might have seen him in this one, or this one, or this one. And few have been more outspoken about just how awful these outfits are than Kevin Garnett… until last night.

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