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Lamar Odom


The Knicks Have Nothing To Lose And Plenty To Gain By Signing Lamar Odom Right Now

lamar odom

Just don’t bring up the last Lakers veteran from Queens to sign with the Knicks, okay?


Lamar Odom’s Shirtless ‘Cracked Out Rap Video’ Is Unspeakably Disturbing

Watching Lamar Odom freestyle (presumably) high on crack, shirtless, is absolutely disturbing. Video, after the jump.

NBAReal Estate

You Can Rent Lamar Odom’s Insane Miami Mansion For $17,000 A Month

lamar odom mansionFree agent and possible drug addict Lamar Odom has just the place for you, provided you can pay $17,000 a month for it.

Tabloid Fodder

Now TMZ Says Lamar Odom Is On A Crack Binge With Two Women, Listening To Lots Of Rap

Lamar Odom Crack

Lamar Odom is apparently on a crack binger with two women, hiding, somewhere. Details, after the jump.

Police Blotter

Here’s A Reason To Talk About Lamar Odom: He Was Arrested For Suspicion Of DUI

lamar odomLamar Odom driving to Taco Bell? Not news. Lamar Odom driving erratically and getting arrested for it? Sadly, news.


NBA Players Love Doing Drugs During The Season (According To TMZ)

High NBA Players Drugs

Apparently NBA players like to do Ecstasy during the season, among other things. Details, after the jump.

Media MonsterTabloid Fodder

There’s Video Of Lamar Odom Ordering Taco Bell, Because That’s Apparently News Now

lamar odom paparazziLamar Odom is having problems. He’s reportedly battling a serious drug addiction. He may (or may not) be getting a divorce from his celebutante wife, Khloe Kardashian. His NBA career is on hold and may be over entirely. I know! Let’s go stick cameras in his face while he orders Taco Bell!

Sad things

UPDATE: Lamar Odom Isn’t Missing (But Does Have A Drug Problem)

Lamar Odom CrackIt turns out, Lamar Odom isn’t missing. But he does have a drug problem. Details, after the jump.

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