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Lance Armstrong


Lance Armstrong Spills His Guts On The Dan Patrick Show, Says Sheryl Crow Knew About Doping

Hear Lance Armstrong answer some incredibly tough questions about some very uncomfortable things, like, whether Sheryl Crow knew about the PEDs, inside…


What The Hell Is With This Lance Armstrong Instructional Video?

When is a “How to fix a tire” instructional video not a “How to fix a tire” instructional video? Give up? When it’s a “How to fix Lance Armstrong’s public image one small step at a time” instructional video. Gulp.

Controversy!CyclingShut Up

Shut Up, Lance Armstrong… Love, Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann has done it again, shutting up Lance Armstrong, almost making you feel bad for the guy.

They Said What?

Lance Armstrong Claims The U.S. Government Should Have Known He Was Doping And Stopped Sponsoring Him

lance armstrong doping graffiti

Today in “Boy, Lance Armstrong has some balls, huh?” (which is ironic, because his balls are likely very small at this point), we bring you the Tour de France winner’s defense of the false claims lawsuit that the U.S. government filed against him.

They Said What?

Lance Armstrong: It’s ‘Impossible’ To Win The Tour De France Without Doping

Lance Armstrong Steroids Tour De France

Cool story, Lance. He also said other stuff in an odd interview with a newspaper than he despises.

Media Monster

The U.S. Government Is After Lance Armstrong Again, For Better Or Worse

Everyone hates Lance Armstrong. If you want to pile on the guy, the timing has never been better. And that’s good news for the U.S. Department of Justice, which today joined a suit against Armstrong originally filed by former teammate Floyd Landis, alleging Armstrong defrauded the government through leading a doping program among U.S. cyclists. But is the government’s involvement a good thing?

Media MonsterPolice BlotterTabloid Fodder

Lance Armstrong May Soon Find Out That There Are Consequences To Bullying, Thanks To A Criminal Investigation

Things have been bad for Lance Armstrong lately, but at least it seemed like he was going to get away with the whole “being an awful bully” thing. That’s not the case anymore: he’s under criminal investigation. Details, after the jump.

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What Happened Last Night: LeBron James Played Basketball Well, The Cardinals Got A Coach, And Lance Armstrong Talked

Yeah, much of last night was dominated by a guy everyone hates talking about why everyone hates him, but there was also more fun stuff happening. Stuff like a pretty damn awesome Heat-Lakers game. Let’s break it all down.

Controversy!Media Monster

Part One Of The Lance Armstrong Interview Is Airing Now, If You’re Still Into That Sort Of Thing [Video]

Lance Armstrong told Oprah he is both a jerk and a humanitarian. Here are some other things he said in the interview, airing now.

Media Monster

Lance Armstrong Emailed A Truly Heartfelt Apology To Rick Reilly

Per Rick Reilly’s own admission, he’s been defending Lance Armstrong for years. In spite of the boatloads of accusations and evidence, Reilly has lived by Lance’s word – which, of course, seems ironic, when Armstrong’s word was the only thing standing between himself and a guilty juicing verdict. Well that and a ton of passed drug tests, but athletes circumventing drug tests isn’t anything new these days.

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