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lil wayne


BEEF: Lil Wayne Rewards The Chicago Bulls With Vodka Bottles After Beating The Heat

Lil Wayne manages to stay relevant by accusing the most prolific NBA team of kicking him out of their arena, then wines and dines their opponents. Well, it didn’t work because after he hooked the Bulls up with some bottles, they lost the next game by 400.

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According To Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne Slept With Chris Bosh’s Wife

Lil Wayne and the Miami Heat haven’t exactly been getting along lately. Weezy made an appearance at Houston’s Stereo Live theater Sunday night after the All-Star Game. While on stage, Wayne went on a profanity-laced tirade against the Heat, its players, the NBA. It got weird, fast.

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Li’l Wayne Might Have Been Kicked Out Of The Lakers-Heat Game For Making A “Gun Gesture” At Some Guy

Li’l Wayne was at the Lakers-Heat game on Sunday. He wasn’t there at the end. He may have left voluntarily, he may have been kicked out. The multiple accounts, after the jump.


Randy Moss Sits Down For An Interview With ESPN’s Lil Wayne

What does it takes to get one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history to do an in-depth interview? Just get him in a room with Weezy and let them go to work.

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Fantastic: Lil’ Wayne Sings “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” During NLCS Game 6 (Video)

Whose idea was it to have Lil’ Wayne sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game?” Because I want to give them a medal. I want to give them a ton of medals.


America: Who Was More Miserable At Last Night’s Finals Game, Pat Riley Or Lil Wayne?

You probably noticed, during last night’s 105-94 Thunder win in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, that ABC at one point panned to Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning, alone in suits in a sea of Thunder fans. But they weren’t the only ones in the crowd who weren’t happy.

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Lil Wayne Is Trying To Start Beef With The Oklahoma City Thunder For Some Reason

Rapper Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunechi aka Lil Tuna Fish Sandwich blew up Twitter a lil’ bit with a tweet contending that he was turned away from tonight’s Oklahoma City Thunder game by “the team.” He left out the part of the story where he didn’t have a ticket to the game. What is the meaning of this beef-starting, Weezy F. Baby?

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Lil’ Wayne May Have Been A Lil’ Wasted During This All-Star Game Interview

Can you blame Lil’ Wayne for being a little tipsy during this All-Star game interview on TNT? I mean, he threw a party with Dwight Howard the night before, so he probably needed some hair of the dog just to be able to function properly. Video, after the jump.

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Today In “ESPN Guys Get The Lyrics Wrong”

Today during the Kansas — Iowa State game, old-ass ESPN announcer Mark Jones quoted Lil’ Wayne’s “Right Above It.” But he got the lyrics wrong. Everyone is in a frenzy over this one, folks. Going into commercial, Jones, who lists Lil’ Wayne as one of his favorite artists, saw his opening.

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Lil’ Wayne Went A Little Crazy With The Sports References On His New Mixtape

Today, Lil’ Wayne released a mixtape called “Sorry 4 the Wait.” Normally, CNN doesn’t report on a rapper releasing freestyle verses over other rappers’ beats. But Lil’ Wayne, widely regarded as one of the most important musicians on the planet, is not your typical rapper.

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