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lionel messi


How Does Lionel Messi’s On-Field Vomit Attack Stack Up Against The 7 Grossest Puke Vids In Sports History?

Apparently, things get “messy” all the time for this guy. Eh, I’d trade the luxury of “not constantly vomitting” for international soccer superstardom and hundreds of millions of dollars any day. A full run down of some of sports most, um, human moments, inside…


Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi Don’t Consider Each Other All That Good At Soccer

Let’s get something straight: These guys are the top two players in the sport. Anyone who votes otherwise deserves to get kicked in the ballons. Lionel, Cristiano — it’s time to line up for some roshambo.


Here’s Lionel Messi Scoring From… Behind The Net (In Practice, But Still)

This is one of those things where you’re like, that’s not that cool, but then you go try it yourself, and you realize it’s insane how easy he made this look.


Look At How Awesome It Must Be To Meet Lionel Messi

messi fanWhen considering who to give the Ballon d’Or to in January, we hope voters consider this video of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi reducing a kid to weeps uncontrollably just by touching him.


Commercial Rivalry: Kobe And Messi Duke It Out For ‘Best Selfie Photo’ In New Turkish Airlines Ad

Isn’t it funny seeing Kobe Bryant in commercials? Feels like 2001. Watch him and Messi got at it for a second time (and, presumably, millions of $$$).


Rooney Or Messi: Who Had The Better Free Kick Goal This Week?

barcelona ajax highlightsThey’re almost identical. Both artisinally crafted free kicks from roughly the same distance, bent around a wall, off the post and in. But this is America. No ties (except at work or grandpa’s funeral). Watch ‘em both and help us pick which one was better, after the jump.


Did Lionel Messi Seriously Give The Pope A Pot Plant? …Doesn’t Look Like It

lionel messi not giving the pope weedWe must have the wrong idea of what pot looks like, because this photo of Leo Messi giving Pope Francis I a supposed “pot plant” features a plant that shows none of the usual identifying markers of cannabis, despite what some outlets are reporting.

Media MonsterSoccerWeird But True

Leo Messi Now Has His Own Adjective In A Spanish Dictionary

Leo Messi, Argentinian soccer player for Barcelona, is so good that he needs his own adjective. His coach apparently didn’t know how to describe him anymore. So now Messi has an adjective in a Spanish dictionary. The weird details, after the jump.


Today In Pitch-Crashers: A Fan Ran Onto The Field, Kissed Lionel Messi On The Forehead And Ruffled His Hair

Argentina and Sweden played an international friendly today with the South Americans coming out on top 3-2, but not before another fan sought out Lionel Messi on the pitch. This guy was particularly friendly and adoring, planting a kiss on his forehead, ruffling his hair and surrendering to security without incident. Messi took the whole thing in stride, probably because he’s a grizzled field-rusher veteran these days, though he did take a moment to re-style his hairdo. Priorities in a close match, obviously.

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