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Lob City


Lob City Isn’t Done: Blake Griffin And Chris Paul Teamed Up For Back-To-Back-To-Back Alley-Oops In 35 Seconds

blake griffin alley oopBefore the season started, Blake Griffin said that the Clippers Lob City identity was “done.” Two games into the season, this happened.


The Clippers Are Playing, So Here’s Your Daily Lob City GIF

Not only are the Clippers playing today, but they’re playing the Knicks. You know what that means. Cue “Blake Smash.”


Watch As The Clippers Put On A Dunking Display Ridiculous Even For The Clippers

You know what to expect from Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, so they don’t usually surprise you. Last night, they surprised us. Jordan, especially. It was Highlight City for Lob City. Videos, after the jump.


Oh Me Oh My, Lob City’s Back

DeAndre Jordan went for 18 points and 12 rebounds — his improvement around the basket has been evident this preseason — and the Clippers beat the Warriors 88-71 in the preseason. Lob City is back, and so are the Clippers announcers losing their minds, which is just as great as Lob City being back.


Why Would You Ever Leave Blake Griffin Alone Under The Basket?

Seriously? Why would you ever leave him alone. Griffin went for 14-7-6 in the Clippers’ win over the Warriors. Lob City’s back, yo.


In Lob City, Every Second Left On The Clock Is A Dunk Opportunity

They put 12 minutes on the clock each quarter for a reason: that’s how long the quarters are. Sometimes teams forget this fact and mail it in for the last few seconds. But to Blake Griffin, any second that the ball is in play is a second that could be spent dunking. Watch him sneak one in before halftime, after the jump.


Blake Griffin Teaches The Lakers To Box Out By Slamming Home A Missed Three

Lob City University is in session, kids. Lesson number one: When playing the Clippers, be on the lookout for Blake Griffin, who can turn any missed three into an emphatic slam. And if you fall on your face afterwards, well, that’s what happens when you don’t do your homework, Mr. Gasol. Another incredible Griffin dunk, after the jump.


Another Game, Another Long Distance Alley-Oop From Chris Paul To Blake Griffin

Death. Taxes. Blake Griffin alley-oops. The three things in life you can always count on. Monstrous video after the jump.


Blake Griffin Throws Down A Powerful Reverse Alley-Oop Against The Celtics

Really, what more can you say about “Lob City”? If there’s something to be said about Blake Griffin throwing down alley-oops, whether it be from Chris Paul or Mo Williams, it’s already been said. And that only means one thing: time to shut down the Internet.


Another Day, Another Set Of Blake Griffin Monster Dunks

Yet again we have not one, but two Blake Griffin throw-downs worthy of your attention. These came from yesterday’s battle between the Clippers and the Spurs. The amazing thing about these dunks is that neither came courtesy of Chris Paul.

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