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Here Are Those NBA-MLS Hybrid Logos You Were Asking For…

Ok, so maybe you didn’t ask for it — but they’re cool as hell.


Parallel Universe NFL Logos

In a world slightly different from own, NFL team logos are incrementally more interesting, animated, and colorful than those found in our universe. Oh, and football is played on sand. And it’s call “Helmet Rugby.” And everyone on the field is named “Travis” for some reason.


TBT: 14 Old School NFL Logos That Actually Had Character

boston patriotHey look, it’s Logan Mankins circa 1961. (Too soon?)


The Perfect August Mashup: Gorgeous NFL x MLB Logos

mlb x nfl

As baseball season heads into the home stretch and football (pre)season starts up, there’s no better time to imagine what it would look like if MLB and NFL teams had sexual relations and birthed a new set of cross-bred logos.


The Evolution Of NFL Logos Over The Last 64 Years

Now that we know what a map of the most hated NFL franchises looks like, let us turn our attention to something more objective and significantly less combative — a SimCity-esque time-lapse video of the changing aesthetics of the National Football League in America.


NFL-NBA Logo Mashups Are So Cool You’ll Want To Dunk A Touchdown

Don’t you just hate it when your team’s Shooterback misses a 3-point conversion? Bootsketball is like that sometimes — it giveth and it taketh away. You favorite team’s logos blended together by a genius, after the jump…

2014 World Cup

The 8 Best World Cup Team Logos

FIFA Logo Evolution

I’m sure the Brazil World Cup logo made sense to someone when they approved it, but let’s look past it to the individual national logos. To supporters of these teams, the logos represent more than they do to someone who is ignorant of team histories (like say, me). So that makes me uniquely qualified to decide, right?


The Cubs Are In Full Makeover Mode — Here Are 10 Logo Redesigns They Should Consider

Is it time the Cubs rebranded? Should they change their logo? They haven’t touched the damn thing since 1979 (the longest stretch of any team in the Majors). Here are the top 10 finalist from a crowdsourced redesign project. Tell us what you think…


Redesigned MLB Park Logos Are Cooler Than The Current Set We Were Not Aware Of

Also, why is the creature from the black lagoon featured prominently on Comerica Park’s emblem? Sorry, we’re not from around here…


HOUSTON SPROCKETS: Minimalist MLB, NHL, And NBA Logos Are Good Design

The following are simpler representations of the designs used by popular American sporting organizations. They will please you. Good day.

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