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Magic Johnson

They Said What?Video

Here’s A Pretty Nervy — And Unnerving — Video Of Magic Johnson Discussing His Pre-HIV Sex Life With Oprah

magic johnson oprahIf you can’t laugh about these things, you’ll cry — that’s the tactic we believe Magic Johnson is taking in this interview with Oprah, in which he discusses his very promiscuous sex life in the years leading up to his HIV diagnosis.

Weird But True

This Random Dude Has An Epic Story About Magic Johnson Beating Him On A Buzzer-Beater In Pickup Basketball

This is a random video from some random dude on reddit, but I assure you it’s worth your time. It’s about Magic Johnson randomly walking into LA Fitness and playing pickup basketball with random people, acting as you’d expect Magic Johnson to act.

NBAThey Said What?

Can We Stop Acting Like Lebron ‘Snubbed’ Magic Johnson On His Best Player Ever List?

lebron jamesMake a list of your three favorite things in the entire world. If that’s too difficult for you, pick a category. Your three favorite bands. Your three favorite foods. You three favorite movies. Whatever you want. Then meet me after the jump.

MLBSports & Politics

Magic Johnson On A Potential Gay Dodger: “We’re Gonna Support This Player”

Another baby step towards the acceptance of gay athletes in sports was taken by one Magic Johnson, who was spurred to speak on the subject when his son came out to the public earlier this week. In an interview with TMZ, Magic discussed how it might encourage an L.A. Dodger to make a similar admission. Magic, for his part, seems elated at the concept. Video after the jump.


Magic Johnson Offers LeBron $1 Million To Do Dunk Contest

Just when you thought LeBron James couldn’t find himself in another lose-lose situation, Magic Johnson has made him an offer he can’t refuse.


Magic Johnson Was (Understandably) Extremely Emotional After Kobe Bryant’s Tribute To Jerry Buss Last Night

The Lakers played their first game since the death of Jerry Buss last night, and it fittingly came against the Celtics. They won, Kobe Bryant gave an emotional pregame speech, which moved another Laker legend to tears.


Is Kobe The Best Laker Ever? Jerry West And Magic Johnson Think So

Over 30,000 points, five NBA championships, two Olympic gold medals, and countless other accolades. Kobe Bryant’s resume is pretty impressive. But is he the greatest Laker ever? According to two of the best Lakers ever, yes.

Media MonsterNBAVideo

Magic Johnson Sold Dwight Howard On The Lakers By Lying To Him About Kobe

Magic Johnson was a guest on HBO’s Real Sports, and was asked about, among other things, his efforts to make Dwight Howard a Laker. One of Magic’s sales pitches: you’ll get to play with Kobe, the league’s “ultimate closer.” And that would sound nice – if it weren’t totally wrong.

ESPNMedia MonsterNBATabloid FodderWeird But True

John Salley Says Michael Jordan Isn’t One Of The Top Five Greatest Players Of All Time

John Salley says that Michael Jordan isn’t the greatest basketball player of all time. Or in the top five. Our heads just exploded, which is precisely what John Salley wanted. Video, after the jump.


A Tale Of Two Teams: How The Marlins Went To The Crapper, And The Dodgers Restored Faith

The Marlins and Dodgers looked like teams headed in opposite directions at the beginning of the year: the Marlins had a fancy new stadium, new name, new colors, and new players. The Dodgers? They were pretty much the jokes of baseball, thanks to the McCourts. And now, in July, the teams are headed in opposite directions – just not the way we expected. A breakdown of how they did it, after the jump.

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