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mark schlereth


ESPN Runs The Funniest NFL Nut-Grabbing Segment On Television

This is the funniest moment in the history of ESPN studio-based programming. Hands down.

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Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth, And Tedy Bruschi Played A Genius Trick On An Oblivious America

Buzzfeed has put together a video compilation from Sunday’s episode of NFL Kickoff, which reveals that the show’s hosts — Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth, and Tedy Bruschi — had obviously made some sort of pop cultural blood pact before taping began. As you’ll see, they tried to see how many “Princess Bride” references they could fit into one half-hour of television. By the time Schlereth is shouting “THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORRRSS,” you’re wondering how you could’ve missed it, and marveling at the dedication shown by three guys just trying to pass the time at work.

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Mark Schlereth Shoots Gun, Makes Things Explode

Former NFL offensive lineman/ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth wanted to go on a hunting trip with his son, and needed a gun to do it. An impressive gun. And some reality TV people were more than happy to make one for him – and blow some crap up while they were at it.

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And The Latest ESPNer To Land A Sitcom Deal Is…

First, it was Colin Cowherd. Then, Mark Schlereth. And now, Mike Greenberg is the latest ESPNer with a sitcom deal all his own.

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Another ESPNer Sitcom? Pilot Script For Show Based On Mark Schlereth Leaks

Ever wished someone would write a sitcom pilot based on your life? Get a job at ESPN; it seems they’re all the rage lately. First, Colin Cowherd…now, Mark Schlereth.

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WATCH: Brad Childress Spices Up Boring Favre Presser With Salty Language

Brett Favre is coming back again, and man, was his “I’m coming back” press conference boring. It was so boring, in fact, that the only interesting things anyone said were uttered by Vikings coach Brad Childress and ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth.

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WATCH: Mark Schlereth Does Indeed Enjoy Saying “National Football League”

The full name “National Football League” must hold a significance and mystique that a mere abbreviation like “NFL” can’t capture. Because there’s no other explanation for someone saying it as many times as Mark Schlereth did on ESPN today.

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This Exists: Jason Whitlock Says Mark Schlereth’s Daughter Is “Drop-Dead” Gorgeous

Kansas City Star/Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock is a man famously unafraid to speak – or tweet – his mind. So when he notices the daughter of former Pro Bowl NFL lineman/current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth is extremely attractive, he’ll say so.

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