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ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: Denver Nuggets’ Mascot Passes Out While Being Lowered To Court, Gives Illusion He’s Dead

Generally, when an NBA team hangs something from the rafters, it’s not a dead mascot. (Note: He wasn’t actually dead, just, um, temporarily dead.) The only footage of this hilarious/creepy/potentially horrible accident, after the jump..


SLIDESHOW: The 16 Most Disgustingly Creepy Mascot-Things In Sports

Sometimes we wonder if schools hire serial killers and diabolical surgeons from Hell to design mascot costumes. The 16 absolute grossest, most terrifying, after the jump…

MLBPolice BlotterVideo

Mariner Moose Was Punched By A Boeing Employee On ‘Public Safety Day’

moose punchIt’s easy to forget there’s a person behind that huge head and googly eyes. A person that dislikes punches to the face.

NCAA Basketball

Dear Wichita State, Please Explain The Real Meaning Behind “The Shockers” So We Can Stop Making Dane Cook Jokes

One in the final four, and none in the stink: Shockers are people who harvest wheat, apparently. That being said, what the hell is with the mascot? Is it a stalk of wheat, or a partially exploded Polly-O string cheese? Rastafarian Bart Simpson? Wikipedia, activate explanation!


Everyone Was Fine, So It’s Okay To Laugh At This Oblivious Mascot Taking Out A Backflipping Cheerleader

Western Illinois’ mascot Rocky isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. One of the school’s cheerleaders was backflipping across the basketball court when Rocky ambled across the court. Now those mascot heads are big and bulky and shift around a lot, so maybe he just couldn’t see. But whatever the reason, Rocky stumbled right into the backflipping cheerleader and the two collided.


Trolling Russell Westbrook Goaltended The Denver Mascot’s Half-Court Shot. Twice.

Now Denver did get the last laugh because they beat Oklahoma City 121-118 in overtime, but not before Russell Westbook could goaltend two of the Denver mascot’s trick shots. Kevin Garnett has the annoying habit of doing the same to post-whistle shots, and nobody likes Kevin Garnett. So don’t be Kevin Garnett, Russell Westbrook. Please.

FandomNFLThey Said What?

Pint-Sized Packers Fan Tells Chicago Bears Mascot To ‘Deal With It, Bro!’

Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears have been relishing their rivalry this week, with Jermichael Finley and Lance Briggs exchanging barbs over whether or not the Bears are better with or without Brian Urlacher. Now a little girl is getting in on the action, but don’t let her exterior fool you, she can throw jabs with the rest of them.

MLBVideoWeird But True

Teddy Roosevelt Won His First Presidents Race At Nationals Park, And It Was A Pretty Big Deal

The real Teddy Roosevelt spoke softly and carried a big stick. The mascot Teddy Roosevelt is a lot meeker, always losing his footrace against mascots George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. But after more than 500 losses, another defeat was not to be at Nationals Park.

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