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Matt Barnes

Controversy!NBAVideoWeird But True

Matt Barnes Won’t Stand For Lamar Odom’s Kindheartedness

With his Los Angeles Clippers leading the Denver Nuggets by 19 with just seven minutes left, Lamar Odom took out Kenneth Faried, unintentionally. As many decent sportmen would do, Odom stuck out his hand to help Faried up. It was Christmas, fergodsakes.

But noted miscreant Matt Barnes wasn’t having it, stifling Lamar’s attempt at kindness.

It’s pretty pathetic, pretty strange and absolutely hilarious. Matt Barnes probably knocks down old ladies crossing L.A. streets if they look like Lakers fans. Hey, lady. You look like you had already formed your allegiance by the ’70s when we came around… I don’t believe that CP3 shirt you’ve got! Down you go! I don’t help enemies!

Harrison Barnes would like you all to know that there’s no relation.

NBAPolice BlotterVideo

The Clippers’ Matt Barnes Apologized For Calling A Cop A Homophobic Slur (Video)

Been a big couple weeks for police dash cam videos of traffic stops involving sportspeople. A couple weeks ago it was Clemson’s Dabo Swinney, and now from TMZ comes footage of new Clipper Matt Barnes getting pulled over back in July for driving with a suspended license – and then, saying some regrettable things.

NBAPolice BlotterTabloid FodderWeird But True

Today In Hilarious/Terrifying Mugshots: NBA Free Agent Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes was arrested for having a $26,000 traffic ticket, or something (first reported by TMZ). But we don’t care about that. We care that Barnes, habitual creepy-picture-taker, delivered again with his mugshot.

Media MonsterNBANFL

25 Incredible Sports Headlines From MediaTakeOut

MediaTakeOut is one part “making fun of ordinary people whose pictures were sent in by readers,” one part sniffing out celebrity gossip, and one part news and politics, all delivered in the same VERY SHOUTY HOUSE STYLE that CHARACTERIZES the GOSSIP WEBSITE. For your personal enjoyment/edification, we have assembled 25 of the most insane MediaTakeOut sports headlines in existence, which you can see after the jump.


Rudy Fernandez Nearly Knocked Out By The Wind

Wow. This is a tough one to post. I’m almost too embarrassed for Rudy Fernandez. I mean, I’ve seen some serious flops in my day, but this one has to be the best one yet, and it’s all because Fernandez sells it like an absolute champ.


Jason Terry Slams Matt Barnes: He’s “Soft As Toilet Paper”

When asked “Do you think Matt Barnes of the Lakers is the first tough guy they’ve had in years?” Jason Terry responded by calling Barnes “The Charminator.”


Jersey Shore In L.A.? Lakers, Mavericks Fight…Then Half-Naked Fan Rushes Mavs Bench

The Lakers-Mavericks fight last night, which included a player shoving an opposing team’s assistant coach, would have been enough action for the night…and then, a partially-naked fan tried to rush the court.


Pau Gasol Plays As Close To A Perfect Game As You’ll See (Video)

Paul Gasol led the Lakers with 28 points in a 117-89 blowout of the Warriors last night. Sounds like a pretty run-of-the-mill night – except for how Gasol got those 28 points.


Falling NBA Players Nearly Squash Laker Girl (Video)

Known-to-be-chippy Los Angeles Laker Matt Barnes almost caused the on-court squashing of a cheerleader when he hip tossed Sacramento Kings forward Carl Landry on Wednesday.

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