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Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson Threw Out First Pitch At Pirates Game, And It Was A Strike

Mike Tyson, closer?

MMA/BoxingVideoVideo Games

Mike Tyson Finally Gets The Credit He Deserves For Inspiring That ‘Street Fighter II’ Character

By every possible estimation, “Balrog” was a complete ripoff. Be it his look, his fighting style, or the fact that he was named after the giant demon from The Lord of the Rings. Someone had the decency to add some SF2 effects to Iron Mike’s highlight reel, and it’s awesome. Nerd out, inside…

MMA/BoxingNot Sports Related

We Had Never Seen This Picture Of Mike Tyson With Cocaine All Over His Face Until Cam’ron Posted It To Instagram

Mike, ya got something under your nose. And on the side of your mouth. You know you’re not supposed to eat cocaine, right?


Mike Tyson On Kimmel: Tiger Farts, Cocaine Orgies, Barbara Streisand, Rolls Royce Shopping, And Erections

I have been watching television for close to 27 years. Never have I laughed harder at a late night interview. Must watch.


Never Seen Anyone Beat Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out? Cinemassacre Shows You How It’s Done…

No tricks. No fake NES. Just good old fashion memorization and discipline. It’s like real boxing, except you can do it in your Mom’s basement in Jersey. Actually, you can do that, too. Just don’t break great uncle Morty’s Clarinet.

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Mike Tyson Creepily Interacts With This Fox Sports Darts Girl, Then Drills Two Bulleyes Blindfolded To Impress Her

What’s with all the grunting, Mike? Also, what’s with all the robotic, savant-ish precision with darts? Force is strong with this creep…


Want To Skirt That $64.99 Pay-Per-View Fee For The Flyod Mayweather/Canelo Alvarez Fight? Good Luck…

Need ideas for how you’re gonna watch the fight tomorrow? We’ve got you covered. You’re options after the jump.


Did You Hear About The Time Justin Bieber Sent A Private Jet To Pick Up Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson keeps popping up on television and it’s getting to a breaking point. Watch him repeatedly refer to Justin Bieber as Justin “beaver”, as well as some other psycho-babble unfit for late night talk show conversations.

Top 5 Dead Or Alive

Top 5, Dead Or Alive: The Five Athletes You Wouldn’t Want To Bring Home To Mom

Today, Eric Goldschein examines the craziest, creepiest, most outrageous athletes of all time — the ones you wouldn’t want to bring home to meet your mother. Yes, this is inspired by that nutty Miley Cyrus performance last night. Tell him what he missed in the comments, on Twitter, or by e-mail.


Mike Tyson: ‘I’m On The Verge Of Dying, Because I’m A Vicious Alcoholic’

At one point, Mike Tyson tipped the scales at 380 lbs. Now he’s a slender 290. But don’t let that fool you: He’s dying. Having lived one of the most publicly horrific lives of any athlete in history, Tyson has become a raging drug addict (alcohol is considered a drug, you guys.) Listen to him divulge the severity of his problem, and that he’s “been lying to everybody else that think [he] was sober.” Yikes.

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