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mikhail prokhorov

Controversy!Media MonsterNBA

The Brooklyn Nets Can’t Be Thankful For “Nets.com” Re-Routing You To The Knicks’ Website

Despite the Brooklyn Nets’ best efforts to rebrand themselves, their cyber presence has hit a New York-sized snag. Have you typed “Nets.com” into your web browser lately? It most definitely will not take you to your beloved Brooklyn team’s web home, but something completely different: the Knicks’ website. Intrigue!

NBAThey Said What?

Dwyane Wade On Free Agent Meeting With Nets In 2010: “Jay-Z Wasn’t There”

Aww, poor baby. Stupid LeBron got Jay-Z’s attention, and that’s just not fair.


Pretty Much Screwed: The Brooklyn Nets

Welcome to “Pretty Much Screwed,” our 2012-13 guide to the upcoming NBA season, in which we identify the reasons why your favorite team might have to start looking forward to 2013-2014 — and highlight at least one reason for you to be hopeful. Today: the Brooklyn Nets, the Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov-owned Brooklyn upstarts that cost more than the entirety of Brooklyn’s DIY craft breweries.

NBAThey Said What?

Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Is Already Planning The Championship Parade Route

Give Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokorov credit. He has not been afraid to make a splash since purchasing the Nets. But after some questionable roster personnel decisions, faith in Prokhorov has to be waning. The Nets owner only added to those potential doubts Friday when he revealed his expectations entering the team’s Brooklyn era.

NBAPolice Blotter

Apparently The Barclays Center Has Two Holding Cells, No Word On The Arena’s Secret Police

The Barclays Center was unveiled today in Brooklyn, and Mikhail Prokhorov is already propelling its historical magnanimity to the heights of the Brooklyn Bridge. Except after reading this tweet from Amy K. Nelson, we’ll liken it to Rikers instead.

Media MonsterNBA

Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Calls Knicks Owner James Dolan “That Little Man,” Is My New Favorite Owner

We’ve known for a while now that Russian billionaire and Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is eccentric. Eccentric and awesome. His latest gem, after the jump.

NBATabloid FodderWeird But True

The Nets Are Really Going All-In On This “Trying To Keep Deron Williams” Thing

Deron Williams celebrated his 28th birthday today, just in time for teams to think he’s young enough to give him a max contract. And the Brooklyn Nets, in typical Mikhail Prokhorov, go-hard-or-go-home fashion, wanted to ensure that Deron knew his Brooklyn family remembered his special day.


Which NBA Owner Would You Most Like To See Mikhail Prokhorov Kickbox?

He’s a self-aware guy, that Mikhail Prokhorov. How else to explain him uttering a line that so perfectly enhances his “mysterious badass not to be crossed under any circumstances” image than what he told reporters earlier today?

NBAWeird But True

Apparently The New Jersey Nets Have Two Rapping Owners

Move over, Jay-Z. It seems as if your colleague, Mikhail Prokhorov, who is the majority owner of the New Jersey Nets, has taken to rapping in his spare time. And, yes, we use the term “rapping” quite loosely. The great thing about this video is that it’s exactly how you would imagine a bunch of Russian white dudes would sound if they tried to rap. “Yo, yo, yo mobilll…?” [Cosby Sweaters, via Deadspin, via The New Yorker]

NBASports & Politics

The Next President Of Russia Might Be The Nets’ Crazy, Jet-Skiing, AK-47-Wielding Owner

Mikhail Prokhorov is best known for being the eccentric Russian owner of the New Jersey Nets. Now, however, he seems to feel as if conquering New Jersey/Brooklyn isn’t quite a sufficient enough conquest. Which is likely the reason why Prokhorov said today that he is entering the race to become the next president of Russia.

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