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mitt romney

Sports & Politics

Even Mitt Romney Thinks Arizona’s Governor Should Veto The Bill That Could Cost The State Super Bowl XLIX

mitt romneyThere’s a bill on the desk of Arizona governor Jan Brewer that will become law in five days if she does not veto it. Senate Bill 1062 would give religious people in Arizona the ability to refuse or restrict services to gay people based on their beliefs.

MMA/BoxingSports & Politics

Mitt Romney Reacts To The Marquez-Pacquiao Fight, Other Rich Athletes

Mitt Romney was at the Marquez-Pacquiao fight and he apparently had primo seats, good enough for this awesome reaction shot to Marquez’s knockout punch.

Sports & Politics

The Definitive List Of Who Athletes Are Voting For, So You Can Decide If You’ll Hate Them From Now On

Sports! Politics! Athletes are voting today as well, so we’ve decided to compile a list of which athletes are voting for which presidential candidate. Check it out, after the jump.

ESPNMedia MonsterSports & PoliticsVideo

Chris Berman’s Mitt Romney Interview Will Also Make You Glad The Campaign’s Over

Well, the presidential campaign’s over, and I’m happy about it. And nothing makes me realize just how happy I am more than seeing what the end of the campaign came to last night: interviews for both candidates with Chris effing Berman. After the jump, see him talk to Mitt Romney and hare in my joy that we’ve reached the end.

NFLSports & Politics

Jay Cutler Has Decided Who He’s Voting For

Finally, America, we’ve found out who the quarterback of the Chicago Bears is voting for. The answer to the most pressing question currently facing our nation, after the jump.

ESPNMedia MonsterSports & Politics

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Will Be On Monday Night Football The Night Before The Election

According to a report from Sports Business Journal, both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have reached out to ESPN about appearing on the November 5th telecast of Monday Night Football, when the Philadelphia Eagles will visit the New Orleans Saints.

Media MonsterSports & Politics

The Creator Of Friday Night Lights Is None Too Happy That Mitt Romney Adopted The Show’s Most Famous Slogan

If you watched (the TV show version of) Friday Night Lights, the phrase “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” means something to you, and you might not be okay with seeing the phrase enter the world of politics. Well, f you weren’t, it turns out you have some good company: namely, the creator of Friday Night Lights.

Sports & PoliticsThey Said What?

Wes Welker: “Romney Sounds Like He’s Using His Own Words. Obama Sounds Like He’s Using Someone Else’s.”

There was a presidential debate Wednesday night and don’t Twitter know it. Athletes from all sides of the aisle came to be a part of it. Click through for the makeshift pundits and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Controversy!NFLSports & Politics

Woody Johnson Would Take Mitt Romney In The White House, Even If It Meant The Jets Never Got To Visit

Jets owner Woody Johnson’s job is to assemble a team capable of winning a Super Bowl. Meh to that, says Johnson. The Jets owner would sooner see his pal in the oval office than have his football team win a Super Bowl. Feel your last shred of dignity evaporate after the jump, Jets fans.

Media MonsterNBASports & Politics

Obama Saying, “We’re The Miami Heat, And He’s Jeremy Lin” About Mitt Romney Is A Thing That Happened

The New York Times published a story on President Barack Obama yesterday detailing his competitiveness and drive to do well in everything he tries (as well as his fondness for pointing out this personality trait to others). Not surprisingly, that competitiveness currently manifests itself most clearly in an intense desire to beat Mitt Romney in November and avoid becoming a one-term president. How intense? So intense that the sports metaphors came out.

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