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NBA All-Star Game


Nervous McGee Drops Andre Drummond’s Rising Stars Game MVP Trophy

trophy drop

For a second there, it looked like this dude was going to cry.


Gregg Popovich Took One For The Team And Cussed Out Dwight Howard During The All-Star Game

The legend of Dwight Howard as insufferable child seems to pick up steam with every passing day. Take, for instance, this second-hand account from one Stephen A. Smith, who was on Mike and Mike Wednesday morning and told this story he heard through the grapevine about Howard incurring the wrath of Gregg Popovich during the All-Star Game.

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According To Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne Slept With Chris Bosh’s Wife

Lil Wayne and the Miami Heat haven’t exactly been getting along lately. Weezy made an appearance at Houston’s Stereo Live theater Sunday night after the All-Star Game. While on stage, Wayne went on a profanity-laced tirade against the Heat, its players, the NBA. It got weird, fast.


What Happened Last Night: The NBA All-Star Game, For Six Minutes In The 4th Quarter

Too focused on “The Walking Dead” or Showtime’s Sunday television lineup? That’s fine, we get it. The NBA All-Star game was its usual dunkfest with specks of effort, so here’s what you missed.


Blake Griffin Dunked Off A Pass From Himself, Because At The All-Star Game You Do That Sort Of Thing

Hey, the NBA All-Star Game was last night. You know what that means: not much defense (final score: West over East, 143-138). And you know what that means: great players doing ridiculous things on offense, unencumbered by the efforts of opponents. Often, these easy points manifest themselves in the form of dunks. Well, of course they did – Blake Griffin was involved.


Here Are The NBA All-Star Game Starting Lineups

As with any all-star game in which the players get voted in by fans, you’ll have a share of WTF selections. Well, the NBA All-Star Game starting lineups have been picked, so you can be the judge.


Derrick Rose Would Like You To Stop Your Foolish Dancing Right Now

Remember the NBA All-Star introductions from over the weekend, when the Eastern Conference players came out after Nicki Minaj was done getting the crowd ready and proceeded to dance and ham it up? Well, we bet Derrick Rose remembers… but wishes he didn’t. Gif proof after the jump.


And Now, Some Of Blake Griffin’s Finest All-Star Game Dunking

Come on, now – when we shared a few of the top dunks from last night’s NBA All-Star Game a little earlier, you didn’t really think we’d forgotten all about Blake Griffin, did you? No, as perhaps the NBA’s most renowned dunksmith, Griffin gets a post all his own… as long as he delivers the goods, of course. Thankfully, he did.

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Lil’ Wayne May Have Been A Lil’ Wasted During This All-Star Game Interview

Can you blame Lil’ Wayne for being a little tipsy during this All-Star game interview on TNT? I mean, he threw a party with Dwight Howard the night before, so he probably needed some hair of the dog just to be able to function properly. Video, after the jump.


Kobe Bryant Broke His Nose Last Night

Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan to become the all-time leading scorer at the All-Star Game last night — but he also broke his nose on this hard foul from Dwyane Wade. So, good with the bad, etc., etc.

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