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Not To Burst Your Bubble Hockey Fans, But The NBA Is Still WAY More Popular Than The NHL

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are not even coming close to the amount of viewers the NBA is getting right now. A fairly obvious explanation for the latest startling TV numbers, inside…


NBA Or NHL Playoffs: Which Ongoing Postseason Is Better And Why They Both Suck

This is, simply put, a comparison of the two leagues’ postseasons and why they are both miserably bad. Enjoy.

BasketballNBAReallyWeird But True

Here’s Another Ridiculous J.R. Smith High School Yearbook Photo

Reddit user themvf made a post this afternoon alleging that his wife looked through an old high school yearbook and found a picture of good ol’ J.R. looking as cocky as ever, the second such photo to hit the web in the past year.


BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Van Gundy Hates Paddle Boats

JVG: Blowing the top off a deeply entrenched conspiracy to dupe lazy people out of their time/money. We’re glad someone finally said something about the scourge that is “paddle boats.” Thanks, Jeff.


A BAG OF WEED AND A TRIP TO THE FINALS: Worldstar Hip Hop Does Some Bad NBA Lip Reading

If you watch only one video today…nay, EVER — make it this one. Someone give whoever made this thing an Oscar.


It’s ‘Top 10 Of The NBA Season’ Season: Here Are Your Top 10 Crossovers, Circus Shots, Phantom Clips And More

top 10s

The NBA Playoffs start tomorrow, and you know what that means: The NBA regular season has already happened. As is customary, we remember 2013-14 by making a list of good things that happened, putting them in order from “least most impressive” to “most most impressive” and compiling video clips of evidence to show that they occurred.

NBANCAA Basketball

Jabari Parker Penned A Very Sincere, Well-Intentioned Op-Ed Explaining How And Why He’s Leaving Duke

He’s such a nice kid. See what he said, and what we would’ve said had we been in his shoes, after the jump…

Architecture PornNBASharksSlideshow

GILBERT’S ARENA: Former Wizards Star Cuts Price On Shark Mansion Because Why Not

Hyperbaric chambers and apex predators are out of vogue this season, so naturally, Baron von Arenas had to reconsider his asking price. Moohoohahhahaha…


HOUSTON SPROCKETS: Minimalist MLB, NHL, And NBA Logos Are Good Design

The following are simpler representations of the designs used by popular American sporting organizations. They will please you. Good day.

Extreme SportsNBAVideo

In Celebration Of All This Beautiful Snow We Were Lucky Enough To Get This April, Here’s A Video Of A Jet Engine Snowboard

Don’t be sad, Joakim — snow can be fun! Just strap a giant battery pack to your back and hold onto that electric jet engine for dear life. No…wait, you’re hold it the wrong way. NO! JOAKIM COME BACK! JOAKIMMMMM!!

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