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Animal shenanigansVideo

YOU GO HORSE: In Depth Reporting With NBC’s Johnny Weir And Tara Lipinski

If you missed NBC’s segment featuring the figure skating duo, you’re in luck — we’ve got you covered. Wanna see a grown man skip about a horse’s stall, lamenting the “sport chic” of the Derby’s favorite? Of course you do…

Media Monster

Bob Costas: The Willis Reed Of Our Time

bob costasSo much determination on the part of Bob Costas, an institution of American Olympic coverage.

Media MonsterOlympic Sports

Here’s What Everyone Forgets In The Rush To Criticize A Sideline Reporter

bode miller emotional

Bode Miller’s emotional interview with Cristian Cooper caused an uproar. Then the facts came out. Too bad this isn’t the first time people jumped to conclusions about this sort of thing.

Controversy!NFLSports & RaceVideo

Bob Costas Goes All Bob Costas On ‘Redskins’ Name, Nails It

Love him or hate him, Bob Costas doesn’t shy away from challenging topics. Last night, we felt like he put the “Redskins” name controversy to bed with a succinct, accurate explanation as to why it’s got to go, and why teams like the “Indians” and “Braves” can stay.

Media MonsterNFL

Did You Catch Jacoby Jones’ Hilariously Bad NBC Headshot Last Night?

jacoby jonesApparently NBC uses its own headshots for their broadcasts, and they only have enough time to take one photo of each player, results be damned.


Bullet Time Technology From ‘The Matrix’ Is Coming To The NFL

cowboys cheerleader

Remember when you watched “The Matrix” for the first time and thought, wow, if only we could watch Cris Carter haul in a touchdown pass the same way we watch Keanu Reeves dodge bullets? Well, Cris Carter is out of the league now, and the next two “Matrix” movies ended up sucking a ton. But that bullet time dream is finally coming to fruition. Hooray, technology!


NBC Uses Jimmy Fallon, Cast Of SNL, And Host Zach Galifianakis During Their Derby Coverage (VIDEOS)

NBC has a way of screwing things up. Whether it’s Late Night, SNL in the mid 90′s, or The Olympics — they’ve figured out how to make the best worst decisions possible. This year, they’ve tapped future Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, the SNL cast, and tonight’s host Zach Galifianakis to appear during their programming. Video of Fallon interviewing this year’s favorite, Orb, as well as Puppy Predictors, and an interview with the Hangover star, after the jump.

Media MonsterNFL

It Turns Out That You’re Lying When You Say You Didn’t Watch The Pro Bowl

Even though the NFL has considered scrapping the Pro Bowl, even though everyone claims to hate the Pro Bowl, even though the Pro Bowl is filled with replacement players, you still watched the Pro Bowl. Admit it. Maybe not the whole thing, but at the very least you snuck in a peek or two just to see J.J. Watt line up at wide receiver or some intra-fan brouhahas.

2012 Summer OlympicsMedia MonsterVideo

Bob Costas (Bob Costas!) Rags On NBC’s Olympics Coverage

Many viewers were none too happy with NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, but it wasn’t just those watching at home who had their qualms. It was the guy they were watching, too. Watch Bob Costas explain to Conan O’Brien (like a boss) just how NBC screwed the pooch so badly, after the jump.

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