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New Orleans Hornets


Charlotte Bobcats Get Permission To Change Name To Hornets, Will Still Suck Anyway

The Charlotte Bobcats will be given permission by the NBA today to change their name to the Hornets, according to a report by the Charlotte Observer. This is big news, mostly because there’s literally no sports going on today. Chances are, the name isn’t going to rub off and the Bobcats will still suck.


Brook Lopez Dunked On Robin Lopez Last Night. This Is Important Because They Are Twins.

This was just payback for the time Robin got the better of Brook on a dunk. And it’s particularly cute because they’re both twins and tall and low velocity and unflinching and kind of anti-climatic in their dunking. Sure, Robin throws his hands straight up in the air and tries to block Brook, but Brook is crafty. He’s no power dunker; he’s finesse. So he slides right by Robin, as opposed to over him, because we know that Brook Lopez is not out-jumping anyone. Ever.


The New Orleans Hornets Defended The Wrong Basket On A Late-Game Inbounds Play

This was a weird one. Earlier in the game – the second quarter, to be precise – the Los Angeles Lakers were trailing the New Orleans Hornets by 25 points. Near the end of the 3rd quarter, they had barely cut into the lead, still behind by 21. But then, the 4th quarter. Kobe went off, New Orleans only scored 9 points and the Lakers held a two-point lead in the final moments of the game. But then this happened.

NBANCAA Basketball

What Happened Last Night: Lakers Rally To Beat Hornets, More College Basketball Upsets

Didn’t watch sports on TV last night? This is getting to be a little too familiar, you know. You and your non-sports watching ways, us and our recapping to help you out. Fine, fine, we’ll keep doing it.


What Happened Last Night: LaMarcus Aldridge Is Clutch, The Lakers Keep Winning

There were sports on TV last night. There are sports on TV most nights. Every night, in fact, except that one weird day during the summer over the All-Star Break when there’s no baseball. So, in case you were out being a person, we’ll let you know what happened.


The Hornets’ Xavier Henry Probably Regrets Taking This Shot

Before last night, it’s possible the name “Roscoe Smith” meant nothing at all to Hornets guard Xavier Henry. And why should it have? Smith is redshirting at UNLV, Henry’s in the NBA. Henry’s college career ended before Smith’s began. Henry’s from Oklahoma City, Smith’s from Baltimore. So what do these two have in common? Well, if you’ve ever heard Smith’s name at all, there’s a good chance it’s because of this. And last night against the Sixers, Henry did this. They are forever linked. [Ball Don't Lie]


If You’re Going To Tie Your Shoe, Don’t Do It In The Paint And Get Called For Three Seconds

In the second quarter of the Rockets-Horntes game last night, the right shoe of Houston’s Greg Smith became untied. His team was in transition, however, with Jeremy Lin pushing the ball up the floor, so he couldn’t lag behind to take care of business. But then Lin pulled the ball out to set up the offense, and Smith was afforded an opportunity to tie his shoe.

Controversy!NBATabloid FodderWeird But True

The New Orleans Hornets Are Now The New Orleans Ryan Andersons Pelicans

The New Orleans Hornets are becoming the New Orleans Pelicans. The switch doesn’t make sense to most people, but the Pelicans can provide the world with the first ever player-mascot. Two birds! One stone!


Rasheed Wallace, Agent Of Basketball Justice, Yells “Ball Don’t Lie!” After Austin Rivers Misses A Free Throw

Austin Rivers drives at Rasheed Wallace. Rasheed Wallace is too slow to keep up. Austin Rivers gets by Rasheed Wallace. Rasheed Wallace fouls Austin Rivers. Austin Rivers misses the first free throw. Rasheed Wallace yells “Ball Don’t Lie!” Fin.


This New NBA On ESPN Commercial Will Drive You Right Through Your Weekend

Ah yes, good old NBA on ESPN commercials. Welcome back, old friend.

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