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Before The Actual Games Begin This Week, Let’s Take A Quick Refresher Course On The Basic Rules Of Football

Face it, you have next to no idea what the hell is going on out there. Here’s a simple guide to which positions can do what, and why, where, inside…


The 13 Best Moments From Eli Manning’s Epic Reddit AMA

Reddit: Out of all of the Manningfaces, which is your favorite?
Eli Manning: The “excited I just did a touchdown” one.


For The Kansas City Chiefs, Membership Has Its Privileges

Chiefs Members

According to ABC27 in Kansas City, the usual NFL franchise will sell about 45,000 season tickets per year. However, the Chiefs will sell more than 60,000 for the 2014-15 season. What’s the secret for a team riding an eight game playoff losing streak, including last year’s 45-44 debacle against Indy where they gave up 38-10 second half lead? It’s all in a word.

NFLThey Said What?

Roger Goodell’s Surprising Apology And New Domestic Abuse Policy Should Be Applauded

roger goodell

Roger Goodell sent a letter to NFL front offices and a memorandum to all NFL personnel — coaches, players, executives, trainers, etc. — announcing an updated policy for domestic abuse and sexual assault, as well as, of all things, an apology for how he handled the Ray Rice situation.


Disguised Nick Foles Catches Fantasy Drafters Not Drafting Nick Foles, Makes Them Draft Nick Foles

We know that’s you, 19th-century Nick Foles. Your handlebar mustache and mutton chops are fooling no one. Now go back to your stagecoach and get a better costume.


BREAKING: NFL Finally Creates Appropriately Tough Domestic Violence Suspension Policy

Apparently the NFL does listen to public opinion. See what their new policy will be toward handling cases of domestic violence, inside…


The Daily Show Reports On The Reporting Of Michael Sam’s Showering Habits

Does he not shower with his teammates because he has a Kuato, like, from Total Recall? Samantha Bee investigates…


Shannon Sharpe Tells First Take About What He Told Bill Romanowski After Spitting Incident

While on the subject of Michael Vick’s defense of Riley Cooper, Shannon Sharpe recounted the manner in which he dealt with his teammate’s racist remarks back in the 90s. Must watch…


Johnny Manziel Is Aerobics Instructor ‘Johnny Jamboogie’ In Snickers Commerical

Snickers commercials are almost impossible to screw up. Good choice, dude.


Hey Josh Gordon, Here’s How You Beat A Drug Test Now That You’re A Marked Man

The NFL substance abuse policy sounds like it was written by Nancy Reagan. Here’s how the righteous can circumvent that draconian dictatorship that is the National Football League, straight from the mouth of High Times publisher Rick Cusick.

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