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Holy Crap, Someone Please Caption This Photo Of Gronk Double Fisting Beef-Bones So That We Don’t Have To

Gronk insert meats, you insert jokes. Let’s do this, America.


Somebody Done Made Ryan Fitzpatrick Look Like A Dang Moron On That There Wikipedia Page

Attention teachers and students, will whoever changed the Mr. Fitzpatrick’s Wikipedia entry please replace it with a less derpy-looking photo? Thank you.

NFLVideoVideo Games

CLUELESS GAMER: Conan Plays Madden On AT&T Stadium’s 3,800-Square-Foot Diamond Vision Screen

On the list of “best birthday parties that don’t involve alcohol,” playing some multiplayer PS4 on the big screen at the Cowboys’ stadium is damn near the top. Watch Coney get his mind blown, inside…

Architecture PornNFLSlideshow

SPORTSGRID EXCLUSIVE: Terrell Owens Is Selling The House He Bought With His Ex-Wife’s ‘Good Credit’

Terrell Owens married a former postal worker, reportedly so that he could use her credit to buy this home. Now he’s selling it. We’re going to open house for the cheese spread.

ComedyNFLSports & RaceVideo

Stephen Colbert Returns To The Air And Addresses That ‘Redskins’ Joke That Prompted #CancelColbert

As a rule, taking Colbert Report segments at face value is a bad idea. Watch him nail his so-called detractors.


The NFL Is Gonna Try Out That 37-Yard Extra Point This Preseason

Don’t freak out just yet — kickers are basically automatic from the new distance as well. We try and make sense of the change, after the jump…


UPDATE: New York Newspapers Get Started Mocking New York Jets QB Michael Vick

The New York media and the embattled quarterback are already off on the wrong paw…er, foot. Throw him a bone, guys. Geez.


As The Packers Sign Julius Peppers, The Pool Of Quality NFL Free Agents Dwindles To 40

The Cowboys just got hoodwinked. Full recap, inside…


STAYING, GOING, OR GONE: Justin Tuck Leaves For Oakland, Frontrunner Emerges For Ex-Panther Steve Smith

Oh my god the world is moving too fast please, make it slow down. The biggest, constantly updated news from the NFL free agency circus, here.


The 86th Annual SportsGrid NFL Free Agency Awards

A rundown of some top free agents, rumors, signings, contract details, and some bold predictions about how your favorite team’s GM is gonna screw up team chemistry by adding a complete jerk today.

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