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nhl lockout


The NHL Lockout Is Tentatively Over!

The NHL and NHLPA finally FINALLY have a tentative deal in place that should end the almost-four-month lockout that has deprived hockey fans of anything to do this fall.


Day 111 Of The NHL Lockout Momentarily Interrupted By Big Bird

The NHL is in the middle of a lockout that has kept a single game of the 2012-13 season from being played. You already knew that. What you didn’t know that when a lockout enters its 111th day, a special achievement is locked.

NHLWeird But True

A 17-Year-Old Girl Refuses To Shave Her Legs Until NHL Lockout Ends

The 2012-2013 NHL season is on the brink of collapse. If a new collective bargaining agreement cannot be codified by mid-January, there will not be enough time to piece together a shortened NHL season. Hockey fans are upset at this, and one fan is protesting in the only way she knows how: not shaving her legs.


Mickaël Piétrus On The NHL Lockout :”It’s Always Good To Be Mickaël Piétrus For One Day. Always.”

theScore decided to interview some Raptors about their thoughts on the NHL Lockout, presumably wondering if the players were upset that Torontonians were actually noticing their existence and ridiculing their performance, rather than focusing all of their energy on the Leafs. Watch the video, if only for this gem of a quote: “It’s always good to be Mickaël Piétrus for one day. Always.”


Watch This Video, NHL Fans, So You Can Feel Good About Your Sport For A Change

We know you’re down on the game you love lately, NHL fans. And we know those feelings of resentment you’re having only deepened upon hearing today’s news that the league has canceled another batch of games. Well, it won’t bring the NHL back, but the video after the jump might help you out all the same.


Dustin Penner Is The Greatest And Most Violent Intern For Conan Ever

The NHL has been locked out for 2 months and 19 days, which is to say that it’s been way too long since we’ve seen some hockey. For the players, whose has employment has been put on hold, there’s really not much to do. So Dustin Penner of the Los Angeles Kings is interning for Conan on TBS.


NHL Players Also Want Gary Bettman Dead

Or at least one player does, anyway. Looking at you, Dave Bolland of the Chicago Blackhawks.


What Happened Last Night: Knicks On Receiving End Of Linsanity, A Boxing Legend Passes, And The NHL Does Its Thing

Last night was a busy one in the sports world, with plenty of NBA action and little bit of non-NBA action in play. Here now is a small pinch of the top stories so that you can stay somewhat informed before plowing back into leftover pie.

NHLWeird But True

Beer Brands Are (Understandably) Losing Business Due To The NHL Lockout

The NHL is pretty much the sad sack of the four major North American professional sports leagues and this ditty won’t make you think otherwise. We all know from the second lockout in seven years, but how widespread is it really? Players, coaches, teams, fans — they’re all losing out. But the puck doesn’t stop there (get it?). It stops at beer.

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