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ohio state buckeyes

NCAA FootballVideoWeird But True

Was Woody Hayes Enough Of A Damn Maniac To Use A Penis-Biting Turtle As A Motivational Tool? And If So, Did It Work?

Woody Hayes: great coach. Ohio State legend. Synonymous with old-school, hard-nosed football. 219 careers wins. Four unbeaten seasons. Oh, and also: a little unhinged. but this unhinged?

NCAA Football

Signing Day 2013: The Best/Worst/Weirdest Of College Football’s Best/Worst/Weirdest Day

Call signing day creepy, call it a premature celebration of kids who haven’t done anything yet, call it just another farce in the ongoing fruitless attempt by an embarrassment of an organization to prove that “amateurism” means anything and that they have anything resembling the best interests of college kids in mind… but don’t you dare call it boring. And, per usual, there was plenty of action today, for better and worse. After the jump, we take a look at what went down (hint: that guy above had a good day).

NBANCAA Basketball

What The Hell Happened Last Night: The Wizards Are Finally Winners, And Duke Is Really Good (Ugh)

Another basketball-heavy evening to look back upon. Let’s get to it, so you might drink from the glorious fountain of (sports news) knowledge.

NCAA Football

Urban Meyer To Room Full Of People: “Let’s Beat The S— Out Of Michigan”

Saturday marks the first time Urban Meyer will be involved in The Game as a head coach of Ohio State. On the line: his team’s undefeated season, and lots and lots of pride (the Buckeyes are ineligible for a bowl game because of this whole thing). All that pride came bursting out today.

NCAA FootballWeird But True

Luke Fickell Denies He Had Pizza Guy Fired Over Joke Made To His Wife

You make one little joke about poor form tackling, and all of a sudden you’re out of a job. One man’s sad tale, after the jump.

Media MonsterNCAA Football

Ohio State’s Backup Quarterback Will Now Be Roundly Criticized For Saying What Everyone Probably Thinks

Cardale Jones is a college freshman. Like many college freshmen, he recently did something regrettable on a social media platform. Unlike many college freshmen, he plays football for Ohio State, so when he does something regrettable on a social media platform, a whole lot of people find out about it, and quickly. That regrettable thing, and why Jones isn’t so different from a whole lot of other college athletes, after the jump.

NCAA Football

College Football’s Latest Trend: T-Shirts Making The Same Penn State Shower Rape “Joke”

Well, it was bound to happen. Once it came out that unspeakable things happened at Penn Sate at the hands of Jerry Sandusky, it was inevitable that said unspeakable acts would be used for college football trash-talk purposes.

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