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Orlando Magic


Best And Worst Career Moments of Monday’s Free Agent Signees

Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger and Channing Frye have new teams. Let’s relive the best and worst moments of their careers on YouTube.

BasketballESPNNBANCAA Basketball

2014 NBA Mock Draft ADP: Gettin’ Wiggy With It

Andrew Wiggins, 2014 NBA Mock Draft ADP

Fantasy owners love them some ADP, so I thought it would be fun to look at the Average Draft Positions for the 2014 NBA Draft lottery teams, to see what the consensus might be.

NBASports & PoliticsSports & Religion

While We’re On The Subject, The Orlando Magic’s Owner Is Vehemently Opposed To Gay Rights…

If the league wants to avoid Donald Sterling-type incidents going forward, they need to better vet potential owners for hardline views that propagate discriminatory practices.

NBAPretty Much Screwed

Pretty Much Screwed: The 2013-14 Orlando Magic

victor oladipo

Welcome to “Pretty Much Screwed,” our definitive guide to the upcoming NBA season. This team-by-team preview details why it’s probably not your favorite team’s year. Now let’s check out the Orlando Magic, who will be fighting hard all season for the number one seed. In the draft. I think it’s called the first draft pick.


Here’s A Respectable NBA Starting Five For Less Than Arenas’ $22 Million 2013 Salary

Gilbert Arenas is on the books for $22 million and change from the Orlando Magic in 2013, making him the third highest-paid player in the NBA. He currently plays in China. So I decided to put together a respectable NBA starting five for less than the price of one Gilbert Arenas.


Here’s Two Women At The Hawks-Magic Game Whaling On Each Other

Hard to tell what’s going on here, exactly: there’s the woman in pink, a blonde sitting a row behind and a security official at the Hawks-Magic game on Saturday night. Something happened that has the woman in pink on her feet and pointing an angry finger at the blonde. Then, the calm before the storm: everyone sits down, no pointing, no yelling. The security guard addresses the blonde now, and she and her beau eventually stand up to leave. But on their way out of the row, chaos. The woman in pink starts whaling on the blonde, the blonde whales back, and the cameraman starts hooting like a crazy person. (Skip to 1:40 for the fight.)


OK, As Far As Marriage Proposals At Sports Events Go, This One Was Pretty Clever (UPDATE: No More Video)

Marriage proposals at sporting events happen often. They do not always end well. But they’re usually not, to our knowledge, executed as well as the one you see above. Well done to all involved here. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

Media MonsterNBAVideo

Chris Webber’s X’s And O’s Telestrator Breakdown Of A Guy Who Won’t Give A Girl Ice Cream Is Fantastic

On some level, we get it: mint chocolate chip. Hard to let go of that puppy, girlfriend or not. But she is pissed, forced to just sit there, staring at that melty behemoth. When she makes her initial approach with the tiny, tiny, spoon, she gets the old cone sidestep. Not in this bro’s house, lady. But c’mon, ice cream bro. Look at that spoon! It’s miniature. The most she can scoop is .08% of your ice cream. You gotta share, if only not to incur girl(friend) wrath.


What Happened Last Night: Dwight Howard Returned To Orlando, US Crushed Puerto Rico At WBC

Didn’t watch sports on tv last night? Do you have something against the World Baseball Classic? You do? Okay, fine, we get it. But it’s not that bad, promise.

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