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pardon the interruption


Pardon The Interruption Has Created A 15-Minute Smash Cut Of Its LeBron James Coverage Since His High School Days

Earlier today, Grantland employed the services of Erik Rydholm, the executive producer of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, who assembled a team of former PTI interns to splice together this: one glorious 15-minute video of Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon making snap judgments about LeBron James throughout his career. Enjoy, you perspective-loving dogs.

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Kindly Let Tony Kornheiser’s Costumes Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving

Last year, we rang in this fine holiday with a photo of Tony Kornheiser dressed in a turkey suit. Kornheiser’s no stranger to dressing up for Thanksgiving, but this isn’t the only reason he’s ever donned a costume. After the jump, a tribute to one man’s willingness to publicly humiliate himself.

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Mike Tyson Visits PTI, Tells Brad Pitt Story Again, Laments The State Of Boxing

Mike Tyson continues to make the rounds promoting his upcoming Spike-Lee-directed Broadway one-man show, and today that meant checking in with Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon for (a little bit more than) Five Good Minutes on Pardon the Interruption. Merriment ensued.

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We’re Not Sure Why Charles Barkley Saying “Anytime, Bros,” Delights Us So, But It Does

Pardon the Interruption welcomed Charles Barkley as a guest today, and he talked about some of the topics you’d expect him to – but for whatever reason, it was his closing line that I liked the best. That’s after the jump.

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Aaron Rodgers Explains Why He Looked So Happy After The Packers Lost

As time wound down in the Chiefs’ 19-14 upset of the previously-undefeated Packers last weekend, we noticed something: Aaron Rodgers looked like he was smiling to himself about the whole thing. But why? Yesterday, Tony Kornheiser asked Rodgers that question.

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Theo Epstein Wants To Offer Steve Bartman Salvation

Yesterday, Theo Epstein was introduced as the new general manager of the Chicago Cubs. To many Cubs fans, Theo offers salvation: the young, good-looking baseball executive that will rid the roster of bloated contracts (Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Zambrano), build a team that will compete in October consistently, and win the club their first World Series in over a hundred years. He will save Cubs fans.

All of them, apparently.

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Not Surprisingly, PTI’s Opens Have Been Dripping With Sexual Tension For The Last Decade

Pardon The Interruption celebrated its ten-year anniversary last week, and to commemorate that, the show’s official YouTube channel put together a compilation of their favorite openings. There’s plenty of sarcasm, costumes, and robot dances, but mostly, there’s plenty of allusions to sex by or between Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon.

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Ron Artest On Proposed Name Change: “It’s Not Like I’m Trying To Be…Gandhi”

Ron Artest’s desired name change (to “Metta World Peace”) inspired plenty of talk/snickering/eye-rolling, and now we have the viewpoint of Artest himself on the matter.

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