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Paul Pierce

NBASad things

Dear Humans: Stop Being So Awkward And Just Ask For A Photo

pierce selfiesPaul Pierce seems like a good dude — I can’t say for sure, I’ve never met him. But neither have these kids, as far as I’m concerned.


Kevin Garnett And Paul Pierce Returned To Boston And Received Heart-Melting Tributes During The Game

kevin garnett paul pierceIt took us until late January, but the Nets finally played in Boston for the first time since trading for Celtic legends Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.


JUST DO IT ALREADY: Clips Offer 1st Round Pick For Rights To Doc Rivers, Cavs Offer Two 2nd Round Picks For Pierce

Adrian Wojnarowski’s brain explodes every year around July 1st…here’s why.


Shane Battier Has, For A Second Time In A Year, In-Bounded The Ball Off Paul Pierce’s Back

As the saying goes, fool me once, Shane on you. Fool me twice, Shane on me. Both videos after the jump.

NBANCAA Basketball

What Happened Last Night: Boston Squeezed By Utah, Kansas Lucked Out Against Iowa State

You want to know what happened last night? A whole lotta basketball, as per usual. Oh, and controversy.


What Happened Last Night: The Lakers Beat The Thunder (!), The NFC Beat The AFC In The Pro Bowl You Didn’t Watch

You know that lingering parasite, the one in which several non-selected all-star football players compete in a game wearing brightly colored uniforms? Right, the Pro Bowl. Well that went on last night because Roger Goodell enjoys hanging onto the vestiges of decorum, or something. The NFC won, by the way. Oh and there was basketball all day, too.

High SchoolVideo

Hey Look, It’s Paul Pierce At A Dunk Contest In High School

It’s hard to imagine that Paul Pierce could dunk impressively once upon a time, now that his game is built on wile and ingenuity more than anything else. But Pierce was a do-it-all two-guard back in the day, and he could throw it down when called upon. Like for high school dunk contests, say – even though he might be a bit overly ambitious here.


Poor Paul Pierce Got His Ankles Broken By A Crossover Again

Paul Pierce is still a pretty damn good player (19.7 points, 5.6 boards, 1.5 steals, 19.17 PER so far this season), which is especially impressive for a guy who just turned 35. But lately – over the last week in particular – he’s been having this problem. A problem defending against crossover dribble moves, to be exact. On Sunday, you might remember, Jameer Nelson did this to him. And last night, well, see above. [SB Nation]

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