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Why Don’t We Think About Pine Tar And Sunscreen The Same Way We Think About PEDs?

michael pineda

Some players being cool with a weird substance on the pitcher’s hand doesn’t mean we should change the league’s drug policy. But it’s strange that this form of cheating gets a pass, while other forms mean season-long bans and scorn.

ComedyMLBSportsGrid OriginalsVideo

REMEMBER WHEN: Mike Francesa Falls Asleep During A-Rod Interview

Back in November, we spliced up some footage of Alex Rodriguez’s trip to the WFAN studios, where sleep-deprived sycophant Mike Francesa pressed his lips ever so gently to the butt of the embattled slugger, giving him a complete pass. Watch as he sleeps through the entire interview.


Keith Olbermann Reminds Us: The First Guy To Use PEDs (Injections Of Mashed Up Monkey Glands) Is Now In The Hall Of Fame

olbermann monkey glandsFrom curved hockey sticks to dunking, much of what we now love about sports was once cheating. Keith Olbermann explains the hypocrisy of almost every sports-related outrage we have today, after the jump.

VideoWeird But True

This Guy/Thing Is Why Steroids Are Terrible For The Human Race

There’s a reason professional sports have a banned substance list, and his name is “The Abominable Synthol Man.”

MLBThey Said What?

What Was Ryan Braun’s Dinner With The Urine Collector He Once Tried To Destroy Like?

ryan braunWe’ll never know for sure if Ryan Braun’s dinner with Dino Laurenzi Jr. was as “incredible” as he claimed, but we can pretend to know.


Tracy McGrady Opens Up About Performance Enhancing Drugs And His Career

Nobody talks about steroids in basketball. Tracy McGrady explains: PEDs exist where ever there are injuries and aging stars trying to overcome them.


Guy On The Yankees Not Named Alex Rodriguez Comes Clean About Steroid Use

a-rod cervelli

“I don’t want to keep this soap opera going.” — Guy not named A-Rod.


A-Rod Is Suing The MLB Because Why The Hell Not

alex rodriguezOn top of appealing his 211-game suspension, Alex Rodriguez is now suing Major League Baseball for, among other things, trying to force him out of the game and ruining his reputation.


Bryant Gumbel Put The A-Rod PED Scandal Into Perspective This Week On ‘Real Sports’

bryant gumbel a-rod“Real Sports” airs every Tuesday on HBO, and this week host Bryant Gumbel ended the episode with a thought-provoking commentary on Alex Rodriguez. He doesn’t make apologies for A-Rod, whom he calls a liar and a fraud — but he does put America’s outrage into perspective.

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