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Philadelphia Eagles

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All Those Cool LeSean McCoy Tweets Were Building Toward A Lame Endorsement

Who would have guessed that running routes blindfolded was just a corporate influenced publicity stunt? Lame. Well, it’s only half lame. It does have a redeeming quality to it, but still, nothing is pure in this world anymore.

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LeSean McCoy (Probably) Fake Weight Toss Tricks The Internet

lesean mccoy

Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe it’s real. You tell me.


No. 1 Fantasy Pick Battle: Jamaal Charles Vs. LeSean McCoy Vs. Adrian Peterson

Jamaal Charles vs LeSean McCoy vs Adrian PetersonReddit is full of great stuff, without a doubt, but today, user JuanFushashi posted three infographics surrounding the three players that people have been debating over for the No. 1 overall Fantasy Football pick: Jamaal Charles vs. LeSean McCoy vs. Adrian Peterson.


It Looks Like DeSean Jackson Is Headed To D.C., Which Is Terrible News For The Eagles

desean jackson washingtonSorry, Eagles fans, but this doesn’t appear to be a joke. One of your best players was cut for being a gangster — or is it because he made too much money? Or is it because he didn’t work hard enough in practice? — and now he’s headed to a division rival where he will wreak havoc on your secondary for years to come.


Now That We’re On The Subject, DeSean Jackson Made A Rap Video With Snoop Dogg

“Diamonds on my Neck,” was an under-appreciated hit from 2013. What’s next for DeSean Jackson? Probably something like “Rumors on my Twitter,” which can detail how the Eagles caught wind of his gang connections and promptly fired him.


The Eagles Cut DeSean Jackson Amid Reports Of Gang Connections [UPDATE: Jackson Responds]

It’s been real, DeSean.


Here’s An Eagles’ Fan Spitting In The Face Of A Saints’ Fan On Saturday

If an aggressive race of alien beings ever land on this planet to check out real estate, I hope their first stop is Philadelphia. “Back in the ship, Doris. Suddenly that 740-degree atmosphere on Venus with clouds of sulfuric acid is looking pretty good.”

Excessive CelebrationFashionNFLVideoYikes

Eagles’ Superfan Monty G Goes Berserk, Speaks In Tongues, Has Many Colorful Homemade Shirts

Bonus video feature: Eagles fans praising Nick Foles and basking in his success while wearing Michael Vick jerseys.


Chip Kelly Reveals His Offensive Strategy: ‘F*ckin’ Score Points’

Chip Kelly EaglesRiley Cooper: “What’s your plan?” Chip Kelly: “Score f*ckin’ points. What’s your plan?” Brilliant.

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