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pro bowl


Deion Sanders Kept The Pro Bowl Streaker From Getting Arrested

Because she was doing it for a good cause, and not because she’s a fitness model in a bikini. Noooo, or cooooouuurrse not. (WINK)


Derrick Johnson Just Went Helmet-To-Helmet On Jamaal Charles, And He’s Already Tweeted About It

Chief-on-Chief violence is so sad and pointless.


Here’s My Radical Idea For Making The Pro Bowl Watchable

If some little Canadian dirtbag gets front page headlines for driving a Lamborghini stoned, and no one cares about the best players in the sport of football going head-to-head, then something is wrong. With that in mind, I offer up a solution to the annual Pro Bowl crappy TV dilemma…


The Revolutionary ‘Unconferenced’ 2013 Pro Bowl Selections

The best players, regardless of conference. No wonder the no Giants were selected. The details on how the revamped system is going to work, inside…

CheerleadersHot BabesNFLSlideshow

The 38 Sexiest Photos Of This Year’s Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

It’s been awfully snowy and cold out these last few days. Here’s some stuff to keep you from getting down in the dumps.

Media MonsterNFL

It Turns Out That You’re Lying When You Say You Didn’t Watch The Pro Bowl

Even though the NFL has considered scrapping the Pro Bowl, even though everyone claims to hate the Pro Bowl, even though the Pro Bowl is filled with replacement players, you still watched the Pro Bowl. Admit it. Maybe not the whole thing, but at the very least you snuck in a peek or two just to see J.J. Watt line up at wide receiver or some intra-fan brouhahas.


Aloha From The Edge Of Respectability: One Man’s Search For Something Worthwhile In The Pro Bowl

At this point the Pro Bowl is functionally irrelevant. Very few people care, but does that make it worthless? Even though it often looks like a glorified flag football game, there are redeeming qualities. It can be fun as long as you correctly calibrate your expectations. I set out to prove this, so I kept a running diary of the game. See it after the jump.


Fans Brawl As Tempers Run Hot At The Pro Bowl, Noted High-Intensity Event

Football is an intense viewing experience. People enjoy consuming alcohol when they watch it. This is a volatile combination, and helps lead to moments like this. And this. And if you think the Pro Bowl’s laid-back atmosphere means everyone in the crowd is too… think again.

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