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They Said What?

50 Cent Blames Terrible First Pitch On Injury From Whackin’ It Too Much

Okay, that checks out. Sorry for giving you a hard time, Mr. Cent.

NFLSports & Politics

Adrian Peterson Said That He Didn’t Use Stem Cells To Recover Because He Wanted To ‘Go Natural’

adrian petersonDid not using stem cells work out for Adrian Peterson? Absolutely. But how many Americans think that stem cells are unnatural as well?

BasketballNBAVideoWeird But True

Searching ‘Dwyane Wade’ On Twitter Brings Up Results For His New Nickname: The Word ‘Three’

Wade’s latest terrible nickname has now been taken to the next level. Just as he doesn’t answer to “Dwyane Wade” and only answers to “Three,” so does Twitter.


An NBA Talent Scout Answered Some Questions About The Upcoming Draft On Reddit

NBA talent scout James Kerti took to reddit to answer questions about the coming draft.

NBAThey Said What?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Estranged Son Ripped His Father In A Surprising And Weird Reddit AMA

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. He also acts, writes, and serves as a U.S. cultural ambassador. He’s generally seen as a good, if arrogant guy, as far as the general public can tell. How does his son Adam, whom Abdul-Jabbar had with a San Antonio-area woman outside of his marriage many years ago, feel about the guy? As you might expect, he’s not a big fan.

NBAWeird But True

Did You Know That You’re An NBA Free Agent, And Can Sign With Any Team? Yes, You, Drunk Guy On Reddit, Or Anyone Reading This

You’re an NBA free agent, reader. So am I. So is the dude who sold me a coffee this morning. So is your mother. So is Tiger Woods. And speaking of Tiger Woods, we have a drunk guy on the Internet to thank for this common sense discovery. He wrote the NBA a few weeks ago seeking eligibility for this year’s NBA Draft. And the NBA actually responded, with useful information.

Media MonsterNFL

A Few Of The More Colorful Questions NFL Fans Sent Roger Goodell On Reddit Today

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did an AMA on Reddit earlier today. Earlier, we covered one question that he actually (sort of) answered – one that came courtesy of Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. While yes, Kluwe tried to rickroll Goodell with his wording, the question was for the most part respectful. Some other questions Goodell received, however, were… less so. Proof is after the jump.


One Of The Questions Roger Goodell Answered In His Reddit AMA Was From Chris Kluwe, Who Rickrolled Him

From 2:00-3:00 p.m. today, Roger Goodell held a Reddit AMA because Roger Goodell is all about the fans. Of course he only managed to answer 14 questions, the tiny handful of softballs the commish could smack out of the park with some pre-wrapped jargon about the NFL and together and safety and whatever else.

NCAA FootballWeird But True

Random Badgers Fan Applies For Wisconsin Head Football Coach Job, Provides Hilarious Email Exchange

A redditor applied for the wide-open Wisconsin football head coaching job. Shockingly, he didn’t get it. However, his attempt produced a hilarious email exchange and brought to light an even more hilarious resume from a while back.

NBANCAA Basketball

Meet Adria: Youngest Gasol Brother, Redditor

Yes, in addition to Pau and Marc, there is a third Gasol brother, and he is on Reddit.

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