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Rick Reilly


Rick Reilly Won’t Write Columns Anymore, World Has One Less Thing To Laugh At

Whether you loved or hated Rick Reilly’s schmaltzy weekly column, it brought great joy to the masses. Nothing was so easy to make fun of as a Reilly column, whether for the self-plagiarizing or the blatant disregard for the facts or the attempted poetry. Sadly, the column is no more.


No One Has Ever Gone After Rick Reilly The Way Katie Nolan Of ‘Crowd Goes Wild’ Did

katie nolanKatie Nolan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with. (That reference will make more sense after the jump.)

Controversy!ESPNNFLSports & Race

Rick Reilly’s Father-In-Law Just Dropped The Hammer On His ‘Redskins’ Defense Article

Damn dude, if there’s a short list of people you don’t want to misquote about race, it’s got to have your father-in-law on it. Reilly done fucked up this time, you guys. Check out the open letter Bob Burns wrote to clear the air about his feelings on the acceptability of the “Redskins” name.

Controversy!ESPNSports & Race

For Rick Reilly’s Eyes Only: NY Indian Tribe REALLY Offended By Redskins’ Name

Reilly’s whole basis for defending the use of the name “Redskins,” was that Native peoples are proud of it. Wrong.

ESPNNFLSports & PoliticsSports & Race

An Open Letter To Rick Reilly About His Recent Defense Of The ‘Redskins’ Title

Hey, it doesn’t matter if the practice of identifying people by the color of their skin is a divisive and backwards practice. Some people like it!


Want A Day In The Life Of Rick Reilly? (We’d Rather Be Really Mean To Him.)

It’s that time of day where we are really, really over-the-top mean to Rick Reilly.

ESPNNFLThey Said What?

Six Things To Hate And/Or Laugh At In Rick Reilly’s Jets Poem Published Over The Weekend

Rick Reilly is the punching bag of ESPN columnists, mostly because he’s cheesy. And because he got caught begging for credit on live TV. And because he loves one-liners. And so on. The latest Reilly piece, however, deserves to be viewed by the masses.

Media Monster

Lance Armstrong Emailed A Truly Heartfelt Apology To Rick Reilly

Per Rick Reilly’s own admission, he’s been defending Lance Armstrong for years. In spite of the boatloads of accusations and evidence, Reilly has lived by Lance’s word – which, of course, seems ironic, when Armstrong’s word was the only thing standing between himself and a guilty juicing verdict. Well that and a ton of passed drug tests, but athletes circumventing drug tests isn’t anything new these days.

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