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Roger Clemens


Mike Piazza Reveals He Had Karate Revenge Fantasies About Roger Clemens

Former baseball star Mike Piazza has a new memoir out titled “Long Shot” wherein he addresses gay rumors, steroids rumors, and, most interestingly, his rivalry with pitcher Roger Clemens. Why “most interestingly”? Because Piazza reveals he had a revenge fantasy wherein he would beat up Clemens using karate.

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Roger Clemens’ Thank-You Letter Enters The Weird Catchphrase And Font Hall Of Fame

Roger Clemens, like everyone else on the ballot, didn’t get elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame today, but rather than dwell on that, he instead thanked his supporters with a letter. A strange, strange letter.


Nobody Was Elected To The Baseball Hall Of Fame. Controversy!

This year’s baseball Hall of Fame vote was a controversial one, with a number of suspected and/or confirmed PED users on the ballot. It was supposed to be A Moment In History, when the baseball writers of America draw a line in the sand concerning steroids. And they did, and it was a harsh one: no one was enshrined.


Kevin Youkilis Will Be A Yankee. Before Everyone Flips Out, Here Are Some Other Notable Transfers From Red Sox Nation To The Evil Empire

Kevin Youkilis became the next in a line of notable members of the Boston Red Sox to jump ship for the New York Yankees. Just to make sure you didn’t forget, Sox Nation, here some of your most notable players in history to jump ship for the Evil Empire.


With Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, And Roger Clemens On The HOF Ballot, Cooperstown And The Steroids Era Are Headed Towards Inevitable Clash

With alleged (and proved) steroid users like Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro having been on the National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for a few years now, the storm between baseball writers and the Steroid Era has been brewing considerably. But with Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens now on the ballot, the eye of that storm has arrived.


Roger Clemens Is Joining An Independent League Team. Here’s Why That’s Not Depressing.

The last we heard of Roger Clemens, he was getting found not guilty on all charges in his seemingly-endless perjury trial. The next you hear of him, he’ll be pitching in an independent league game. Here’s why that’s not as sad a possibility as it might sound.


Mike Piazza’s Possibly Drunk Wife Talks About Roger Clemens

It’s been almost 12 years since Roger Clemens threw a piece of broken bat at Mike Piazza, and recently, the former Mets catcher (and his wife) spoke about the incident, and Clemens’ alleged steroid usage. Video after the jump.

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NY Daily News Back Page Announces Roger Clemens Verdict In Typically Understated Fashion

Roger Clemens was found not guilty of perjury, but the New York Daily News disagrees. And of course, they’ll let that be known. Was this really more important than R.A. Dickey’s second-straight one-hitter?

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Roger Clemens Found Not Guilty On All Counts, Trial Mercifully Over

It’s a big day for Roger Clemens: he was just found not guilty on all counts in his perjury trial. But it’s a good day for the rest of us, too: this verdict means that the stupid, boring Roger Clemens trial is over.


Holy Shit, The Roger Clemens Trial Sounds Boring

Does anyone care about the Roger Clemens perjury trial? Did anyone ever care about the Roger Clemens perjury trial? On the off chance the answer is yes, the tweets after the jump might change that once and for all.

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