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Roger Goodell


NFL Getting Tired Of Having Head Up Its Own Ass, Reportedly Considers One-Year Bans For Domestic Abuse

ray rice nfl

Like a choir girl who takes her fingers out of her ears and realizes everyone else has been staring at her while she belts out “Let It Go” completely off-key, the NFL has perhaps figured out that its two-game suspension for Ray Rice was sadly lenient and out of step with the rest of society.


Roger Goodell Takes On Ice Bucket Challenge, Needs To Learn How To Use A Camera

The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the nation by storm, with folks on social media raising millions for the ALS Association and research for Lou Gehrig’s disease. However, NFL dictator/commissioner Roger Goodell dumped an ice bucket over himself and I still found a way to hate him for it.


The NFL Didn’t Even Look At The Ray Rice Elevator Video Before Deciding His Punishment

ray rice videoSo, do the browsers at the NFL offices block TMZ.com?


NFL Fumbles By Giving Rice A Meager Two-Game Suspension

A lot has been made of the Rams’ drafting of Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL player. One day we will get to a point where this is neither a big deal nor a news item, and when we do, Sam, the Rams and the NFL can take credit. The NFL has created serious societal goodwill, but being the NFL – the league that was quick to fine players for celebrating in the end zone and slow to fine those that delivered dangerous, crippling hits – they’re doing their best to erode it. And in the case of Ray Rice, the Pro Bowl running back for the Ravens, they might have given it all away.


Roger Goodell Did A Twitter Q&A With Fans. I See No Way This Ends Badly

Goodell tried to laugh some of these off. He failed there, too.

They Said What?Video

Terrell Suggs Is The Second Raven To Call The Super Bowl Blackout A Conspiracy

suggsRemember that really annoying blackout during the Super Bowl, which not only shifted momentum in the game but likely shifted the mood in your living room from “Yeah, football!” to “I have a guacamole hangover and need to sleep it off”? Terrell Suggs believes that the league wanted to shoot itself in the foot, just to make the game more interesting.


Perhaps Spurred By Baseball’s PED Crackdown, The NFL Wants To Strengthen Its DUI Policy

josh brent

That makes two days in a row that professional sports leagues have made us say, hey, maybe you guys really do care about something besides money. It’s not true, of course. But you made us say it.


Roger Goodell’s Defense Of The ‘Redskins’ Name Is Bullshit, But One Line In Particular Reveals The True Depths Of His Bullshit

roger goodell redskinsNFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently responded to a sad Congressional plea to the league, requesting that the name “Redskins” be changed because it says: red skins. His response boils down to one thing and one thing only.


Roger Goodell Has To Call The New York Attorney General About That ‘Do You Like Girls?’ Combine Question

Remember how NFL teams were asking guys at the combine if they liked girls? Well, the New York Attorney General says that might be illegal, and Roger Goodell needs to give him a call. Uh-oh!

Media MonsterNFL

It Almost Seems Like Darren Rovell Is Trolling Everyone With This Story About Roger Goodell Deserving His Salary… And We’re Kind Of Glad

There was a bona fide Sports Media Thing recently involving ESPN’s Darren Rovell and the opinions people have about him. Those opinions, more often than not, are negative… and a column Rovell recently wrote for ESPN almost seems calculate to intensify those negative feelings further. And this all actually made us sort of happy. After te jump, we explain why.

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