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Roger Goodell


One Of The Questions Roger Goodell Answered In His Reddit AMA Was From Chris Kluwe, Who Rickrolled Him

From 2:00-3:00 p.m. today, Roger Goodell held a Reddit AMA because Roger Goodell is all about the fans. Of course he only managed to answer 14 questions, the tiny handful of softballs the commish could smack out of the park with some pre-wrapped jargon about the NFL and together and safety and whatever else.


The NFL Bullied Someone Out Of Trademarking “Harbowl,” But Not Before He Tried To Extort The NFL

Did the NFL bully a regular guy out of trademarking “Harbowl” and “Harbaugh Bowl” without having much legal standing in the matter? Absolutely.


Roger Goodell Has No Problem With How RGIII Knee Saga Played Out

It’s no secret that Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has been under fire this week after Redskins star quarterback Robert Griffin III tore up his knee in Washington’s first round playoff loss last weekend. But don’t count NFL commissioner Roger Goodell among his critics.


Roger Goodell Loves Player Safety, So Naturally We Should Add More Playoff Teams

Roger Goodell says the NFL is considering expanding its postseason to 14 or 16 teams. That would be a grievous error on the league’s part, and here’s why.


Paul Tagliabue Vacates All Saints Player Discipline, Affirms Goodell Is An Unrelenting Dictator

Paul Tagliabue ruled in favor of the players in the Saints bounty case “vacating all discipline” and completely going against Roger Goodell. We are, simply put, shocked.

NFLThey Said What?

Roger Goodell Is Considering A Weird Replacement For Kickoffs

The NFL has been looking for alternatives to the kickoff because it is the sport’s most dangerous play. Nevermind that eliminating kickoffs or restructuring its framework doesn’t make football a safe sport, just a very, very slightly less dangerous one. Still, that’s not stopping Roger Goodell from making a weird suggestion.

NFLWeird But True

Today In Hypocrisy: Ndamukong Suh’s NFL-Approved Nuts Kick On Matt Schaub Will Cost Him $30,000 Anyway

We found out yesterday that Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh would not be suspended for kicking Matt Schaub in the groin, which by the way is a wildly inaccurate synonym for someone’s nuts. Given Suh’s history stomping people and such, no one would have been surprised had he been suspended.

FandomWeird But True

SportsGrid’s Definitive Guide To The 12 Best Sports-Related Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching (next Wednesday!) and most of the parties are happening this weekend, so that leaves you with little time to prepare if you remain uncloaked for the festivities. Fear not! We at SportsGrid have decided to ease your last-minute costume troubles with a few suggestions of our own. Sports related costumes are just the best. Amirite, homeless Dan Snyder?

Media MonsterNFL

This Is How The Roger Goodell Era Began

Three decades ago, Roger Goodell was an aspiring young chap, fresh out of college and eager to make his mark in the world – specifically, by working in whatever capacity possible for NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle. And thanks to SI Vault’s Andy Gray, we can all have a look at how he went about achieving that goal. See it after the jump.

NFLThey Said What?

Roger Goodell Says He Might Get Rid Of The Pro Bowl Game Altogether

Every year NFL players complain about the Pro Bowl, fans complain about the Pro Bowl and the NFL vows to do something about the Pro Bowl. Nothing ever happens. Sure, they moved it up a few weeks to before the Super Bowl, but the basic premise of guys willingly putting their bodies in harm’s way for a meaningless game renders the entire exercise worthless.

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