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Ron Washington

MLBWeird But True

Elvis Andrus Was Scratched From A Spring Training Game With Tattoo Soreness

I don’t know from getting tattoos, but apparently the process hurts like a bitch. As for Elvis Andrus, his new ink spans from his left shoulder to his elbow. Getting it must have hurt like the dickens (“the dickens” is slightly above “a bitch” on the pain scale). It caused him such discomfort that his manager Ron Washington was forced to scratch him from the lineup in today’s bout with the Indians.

ESPNMedia MonsterMLBVideo

Did Ron Washington Drop An F-Bomb On TV Here?

Rangers manager Ron Washington likes to curse. Maybe even as much as he likes to dance. So no matter what he says in the clip after the jump, the safest bet is probably not to cut to him for reaction shots when controversial things happen.


Ron Washington Gave The Most NSFW Speech Ever Before Game 7

Via Joe Sports Fan, comes this audio of Rangers manager Ron Washington‘s pre-game speech prior to Game 7 of the World Series. There were murmurings that Washington’s speech was “priceless,” and now, thanks to a clubhouse employee, we get to hear it.


Rejoice: Li’l Ron Washington (And His Mustache) Are Back For The World Series

You remember Li’l Ron Washington, right? The kid (real name: Liam Roybal) who took the baseball world by storm last year with a Halloween costume that made him look exactly like a miniature replica of the Rangers manager? Rest assured: he’s back.


Rangers Manager Ron Washington Was VERY Excited About His Team’s Big Inning

In Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington’s defense, just about anyone would be hyped up about a nine-run inning that will probably power his team into his second straight World Series. However, we imagine Washington is, at most, one of very few who would have celebrated his team’s success quite this way.

MLBWeird But True

Jim Leyland Pulls Dreaded “Stinkpalm” On Ron Washington

“Stinky Jim” Leyland strikes again! And this time, it appears that Rangers manager Ron Washington was on the receiving end of his gamey trickery.

These AP photos, which were taken during batting practice prior to Game 5 of the ALCS, show the Tigers manager with his hand very clearly down his pants while he talks to Washington. The two men then appear to share a firm-looking handshake, which means… Stinky Jim got him with the Stinkpalm.

Media MonsterMLB

WATCH: Lil’ Ron Washington Starts Off Game 4 Of The World Series

Lil’ Ron Washington, aka Liam Roybal, met Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington beforegame four of the World Series last night in Arlington between the Rangers and San Francisco Giants.

Media MonsterMLB

WATCH: Lil’ Ron Washington Brings His Act To Television

Yesterday we filled you in on the youngster who channeled his inner Ron Washington. He’s back.


Best Halloween Costume Ever: Lil’ Ron Washington

We can unequivocally say that this little guy, who is dressed as Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington, has the best sports-related Halloween costume of the year.


MLB Manager Talks About Cocaine Use In Radio Interview

Ron Washington talks about dealing with the media and the aftermath of his failed drug test for cocaine.

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