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rose bowl

NCAA FootballShenanigans

Did Mark Dantonio Really Sidestep This Gatorade Bath, Or Did He Have Help?

GIF: Mark Dantonio is always one step ahead.

Our exhaustive investigation reveals that the Michigan State coach did not avoid a dunking totally of his own doing. Watch the action closely and tell us what you think.


ESPN: Now Showing Promos For Games That Have Already Aired

This is a fairly normal promo for the Rose Bowl on ESPN. Except it aired during Thursday night’s Fiesta Bowl. Two days after the Rose Bowl. Whoops.

ESPNMedia MonsterNCAA FootballVideo

ESPN’s Heather Cox After A Rose Bowl Official Cut Short Her Postgame Interview With David Shaw: “Are You Kidding Me?”

After Stanford’s 20-14 Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin, ESPN’s Heather Cox tried to grab winning head coach David Shaw for a postgame interview. But Shaw was being pulled away to the trophy presentation by a Rose Bowl official, who clearly had no time for ESPN or television or pointless interview fluff. So he pulled and tugged and nudged Shaw, until he finally ran away from Cox, leaving her to stew in her own failed-interview filth and mutter, into her microphone, “Are you kidding me?”

NCAA Football

Stanford Won The Rose Bowl, But Stanford’s Marching Band Really Won The Rose Bowl

Stanford defeated Wisconsin 20-14 to win the Rose Bowl, but the Cardinal football players weren’t really the stars of the day in Pasadena. That honor belongs to the members of their marching band, the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, who did an amazing job of pissing off everyone in Wisconsin, and then everyone else in America who hates unconventional marching bands (which apparently is a contingent that exists).

NCAA Football

Like Those Insane Oregon Rose Bowl Chrome Helmets? Well, One’s Up For Bid On eBay

One of Oregon’s HydraChrome helmets from the 2012 Rose Bowl is now available for purchase on eBay.

NCAA Football

Oregon’s Darth Vader Rose Bowl Costumes Get More Awesome With Chrome Winged Helmets

Even though we’ve already directed you towards Nike’s special edition threads that the Ducks will wear for tonight’s Rose Bowl, there is a new development at which we think you should take a gander. Be careful not to stare too long at these helmets: it may blind you.

NCAA Football

TCU Fans Mock Ohio State President With Billboards In Columbus (Video)

You might remember that a while back, Ohio State president Gordon Gee earned the ire of many fans by saying he wasn’t so sure a team like TCU or Boise State deserved to play for a national championship. Well, in the wake of TCU’s Rose Bowl win, those fans are fighting back.

NCAA Football

ESPN Rose Bowl Shop Prematurely Sells Wisconsin Victory Shirts. Whoops.

The concept of “bulletin board material” firing a team up before a game is probably overblown to an extent – no matter what extra motivation team gets, the better team usually wins. That said, Wisconsin has to wish this shirt didn’t exist.

Media MonsterNCAA Football

Wisconsin Student Paper Attempts To Shame Student Scalpers

Wisconsin’s going to the Rose Bowl. Awesome for them. Good job, Badgers. What’s not as awesome: only 5,800 student tickets for the school…and some of those 5,800 are in the hands of scalpers.

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