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Russia Still World’s #1 Exporter Of Insane Handstands Done From Ledges, Hundreds Of Feet In The Air

This is the absolute worst thing to watch if you’re at all scared of heights. Handstands, bridges, one-armed pull-ups, and even one-armed handstands. These guys are basically break dancing on a steel girder on top of a huge building.

HockeyNHLOlympic Sports

Russian Hockey Has Been On A Steady Decline Over The Last Decade, While American Hockey Has Increasingly Gotten Better

Tennis? We suck. Baseball? Can’t win the World Classic. Hockey? We’re dope — and getting better. Graphs inside…

Controversy!Olympic Sports

It Looks Like Ice Dancing Has Some Explaining To Do

ice dancing

Who knew that the U.S. and Russia getting along would be such a terrible thing?

Media MonsterOlympic Sports

The Olympic Rings Looked Perfectly Fine On Russian TV, Thank You Very Much

russia tv rings doctored

You may have heard that there was a massive malfunction during the Olympic Opening Ceremony today: one of the five Olympic rings failed to expand, making the Olympic logo look like four rings and an asterisk… or a butthole, depending on who you ask. Not on Russian TV, though!


Nike’s Latest ‘Just Do It’ Campaign Wants You To Just Do It Like The Russians: In The Freezing Cold

Playing Russian, of course, means doing everything in the dead of winter, where nothing green lives and only those who withstand the cold will be able to procreate a new generation of cold-immune Russian warriors.

Olympic Sports

Attention Olympic Athletes: Russia Will Be Able To Wiretap You For No Reason

vladimir putinHey, Vlad, what are you listening to? Oh, everybody’s communications? Sounds good.

Sports & Politics

‘Gays = Nazis’ – Russia

Russia Gays Putin OlympicsRussia keeps saying absurd things about gay people, and the 2014 Olympics aren’t looking promising.

NFLOlympic SportsPodcastSoccer

SportsGrid Podcast Episode 4: What’s The Big Deal?

This week’s theme: What’s the big deal? (Please read that in Jerry Seinfeld’s voice.) The three big stories this week were Johnny Manziel’s Johnny Hancock, Clint Dempsey transferring to the MLS, and soon-to-be Olympic host Russia arresting gay people.

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