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rutgers scarlet knights

Media MonsterNCAA Basketball

Because The Mike Rice Scandal Can’t Get Any Weirder, Someone Threw A Water Balloon At An ESPN Cameraman

Well, I’ve gone on at length over the last couple days about my Rutgers fan perspective on the Mike Rice mess. What I didn’t expect to get was a reminder of why my love for Rutgers exists in spite of, rather than because of, the majority of my experience as a student. See the weirdness after the jump.

Media MonsterNCAA Basketball

Tim Pernetti Is The Latest Mike Rice Domino To Fall, There Could Still Be More, And Ughhhhh: More Notes From A Rutgers Fan On This Latest Mess

In another reminder that if you watch a video of your basketball coach throwing basketballs and hurling other forms of verbal and physical abuse at players during practice – even if it’s not a normal occurrence, per se – you should get rid of that basketball coach, Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti, who in December decided to suspend rather than fire such a coach (then, of course, fired him earlier this week when the heat from the general public got to be too much), is no longer Rutgers’ athletic director. After the jump, assorted musings on this fact.

NCAA Basketball

Rutgers Thankfully Fired Mike Rice, But Everything Still Sucks

Well, following the (justified) outcry over this, it wound up being the only option: Rutgers fired basketball coach Mike Rice this morning. It was a necessary step, but the school’s got a long, long way to go to clean up the mess it’s made for itself – and as a fan, the continued embarrassments are getting harder and harder to stomach.

Media MonsterNCAA Basketball

And Once Again, A Rutgers Athletics Program Is A Train Wreck

Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice was suspended in December for inappropriate conduct during practice. Today, the video of that inappropriate conduct was shown to the world. I’m a Rutgers graduate, and fan, and now I’m once again left wondering if there will ever come a time when, for one reason or another, Rutgers athletics won’t be a source of national ridicule.

Media MonsterNCAA BasketballVideo

Go Ahead, We Dare You To Pay Attention To Anything These Guys Dressed As Presidents Are Saying About Basketball

Even a Rutgers man like myself can admit the basketball team’s matchup with Villanova last night didn’t do much to move the needle. ESPNU, though, had a trick up its sleeve. As a play to get pople to pay attention, it worked. But did it also make it impossible to focus on what the announcers were saying about basketball? After the jump, you decide.

NCAA Football

What The Hell Happened Last Night, Part 2: Rutgers Athletics Continues To Be Punished By A Higher Power For Reasons Unknown

It’s stupid to care, right? If something brings you fleeting moments of joy that is always – ALWAYS – eventually eclipsed by a more lasting crushing disappointment, and that thing doesn’t even matter to begin with, shouldn’t one simply discard the thing in question from one’s life? Shouldn’t that be an easy thing to do? Apparently not. Because Rutgers’ football team still has fans.

NCAA BasketballNCAA Football

Conference Realignment For Dummies: What Rutgers And Maryland’s Jump To The Big Ten Means

Thought colleges had finished frantically switching conferences and everyone was finally content where they were, confident that when the BCS shot its grand money cannon in their general direction, they’d scoop up their share of the scattered proceeds, rather than be killed instantly by the blow? Nonsense! The latest dominoes to fall: Maryland and Rutgers are heading to the Big Ten. What should you know about it? We break the big move down, after the jump.

Media MonsterNCAA FootballVideo

Embattled Arkansas Coach John L. Smith Demands Reporters Smile In Creepiest Way Possible

Can you blame John L. Smith for wanting to be surrounded by happiness? It’s not like he’s got much reason to smile himself. So when the expressions on reporters’ faces at his press conference yesterday were insufficient to brighten his day, he took matters into his own hands. We’re not sure it was effective.

NCAA FootballVideo

Rutgers RB Jawan Jamison Pressed The Right Button

Oh, this is nice. Opportunities to write about my beloved Rutgers Scarlet Knights don’t necessarily present themselves every day around here, since 1) I realize that not everyone’s sports world revolves around a middle-of-the-pack-to-solid football program in a conference constantly teetering on the brink of collapse; 2) frankly, being a Rutgers fan is an exercise in inevitable heartbreak and expecting the worst at all times, and I would never force such feelings upon you, dear reader. So when I can, and it’s about a Rutgers player doing something awesome? Excuse me while I cherish the moment. [video h/t: The Big Lead]

NCAA Football

Watch Rutgers Football Players Flip Out Over Their Ugly New Uniforms

There are few more reliable ways to make a group of athletes flip out than show them new uniforms they’ll be wearing, so it was probably inevitable that Rutgers football players would react like this upon seeing their new duds. If only the uniforms sucked less.

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