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skip bayless

NFLThey Said What?

Skip Bayless Compares Johnny Manziel To Tim Tebow, Thinks That’s A Good Thing

johnny manziel

Starting with this photo and continuing with things like “He appears to be good at football,” we can think of a lot differences between Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow. Unfortunately, Skip Bayless thinks they’re similar, in that he thinks the world of them.


These Skip Bayless Tweets Show Exactly How His Stupid Brain Works

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless looks even more stupid than normal when you look at these tweets.


The Knicks Are So Bad They Got The ‘First Take’ Guys To Stop Arguing — And That Was BEFORE Last Night’s Loss To The Pistons

stephen a smith first takeUsually, the tandem of Stephen A. Smith and Skip “Chicken & Broccoli” Bayless is the most insufferable part of the ESPN news cycle. But leave it to the Knicks to help these guys put together what is probably the most watchable “First Take” segment of all time.


Let’s Rewatch The Time That Richard Sherman Made Skip Bayless Admit That He’s Worse Than Him At Life, On National Television

Let’s rewatch the time that Richard Sherman made Skip Bayless look like a moron on national television.


Things You Need To See: Animated Parody Of Skip Bayless And Stephen A. Arguing About Kobe Bryant’s Rank

The actual argument and the vastly less pathetic cartoon version after the jump…


Stephen A. Smith Drops Yet Another N-Bomb On Skip Bayless On ESPN’s First Take

It’s not 100% clear that he says it, but it’s obvious that he was trying to say it. You’d think, what with all the radio and live TV he does, he’d learn to not say the single most contentious word in the English language. Nope. Repeat offender. Both vids after the jump…


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Explained Why Dwight Howard Sucks, Skip Bayless Applauded Him, Neither Of Them Made Sense

We’re sorry for showing you a clip from “First Take.” But Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is acting like he’s all smart, while his biggest supporter is Skip Bayless.

Media MonsterVideo

Drake Has At Least One New Friend: Johnny Manziel

drake first take

Drake’s new album drops today, and he decided not to take a page out of Matt Harvey’s book and actually give a quality interview. In the segment after the jump, inquiring minds want to know: Just how close are Johnny Football and Aubrey Hip Hop?

ESPNMedia Monster

6 Things We Learned From The Washington Post’s Excellent Profile Of Skip Bayless

skip baylessYou may not like Bayless after reading some of these things — we still don’t, for example — but you might get where he’s coming from. Except for the fact that he eats Chinese chicken and broccoli every single weeknight for dinner. Who does that?


BREAKING NEWS: Skip Bayless Thinks The Seahawks Play In The AFC

ESPN bloopersSkip skip skippy skipperson skip. My man, you gotta take that tweet down. It’s destroying that credibility you don’t have.

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