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Sports And Technology


The NFL Will Put Tracking Devices In Players’ Shoudler Pads This Year

Welcome to the future of NFL broadcasting, which looks eerily similar to Madden 97.


A Soccer Ball That Becomes Charged When You Play With It, Doubles As An Electrical Outlet

Now if we could only get a computer that powers itself on message board trolling — then we’d be all set. A video demonstration of this truly amazing invention (that will change the world) after the jump…


Some MLB Managers Will Call Their Bullpens Via Cell Phone Next Season

Technology is coming to baseball in a weird way in 2013, as several ballparks will somewhat abandon the corded wall phones managers use to call their bullpen, and replace them with cell phones. The move is a part of MLB’s partnership with T-Mobile, and will eradicate the few steps managers had to take from the steps of the dugout to the phone on the wall. True, unadulterated progress.

TennisWeird But True

Novak Djokovic’s Futuristic Energy Pod Will One Day Overtake Humanity

All of us rubes. We thought the historically superb tennis played by Novak Djokovic this year was simply the result of a young guy with all the talent in the world refining his game, maturing mentally, and some luck…all aided by his efforts to combat his gluten allergy. But it’s never that simple, friends. No, The Wall Street Journal brings us the real reason Nole’s dominated his opponents so: the CVAC Pod, AN ENERGY-RESTORATION APPARATUS FROM THE FUTURE.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are The Latest NFL Team To Ensure Steve Jobs’ Apple Legacy Lives On

Earlier this year, we heard about how some NFL teams wanted to start putting their playbooks on iPads. A few months after that, a couple teams were starting to actually do it. And today, the St. Petersburg Times gave us more evidence that the trend is catching on.


Is The Next Generation Of Sports Rehabilitation Located In…Cryogenic Chambers?

Eric Rauscher, the creator of the Cryon-X, believes that cryotherapy is the future of sports rehab. It simulates an ice bath, but in a cryogenic chamber that is hundreds of degrees colder.


Watch A Robot’s Terrible First Pitch At Today’s Phillies Game

Today, a Penn-engineer-designed robot named PhillieBot threw out the first pitch at the Phillies’ 4-3 win over the Brewers. Alas, it didn’t go too well.

Media MonsterSoccer

Will A Remote-Controlled Artificial Cloud Cool Qatar’s World Cup?

For all the consternation over Qatar’s winning 2022 World Cup bid, if some of the technology being proposed for the tournament comes to fruition…wow.

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