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Literally Nothing Could Be Worse Than ‘The Butt Fumble’ So SportsCenter Is Retiring It

For 40 weeks, a nation doubled over in uproarious laughter as it watched the epitome of failure that is Mark Sanchez running into his own teammate’s butt and decided, no, there is nothing from the past week that is as terrible than that. That’s how SportsCenter’s weekly “Worst of the Worst” segment continued to show a play from November 2012 — until today.

ESPNMedia MonsterVideo

YOU DECIDE: ESPN’s Insane New Death Star Studio Vs. Fox Sports Live’s Hilarious Man Cave

The Fox Sports 1/ESPN battle will be fought in the trenches. Very cool, incredibly expensive, state-of-the-art trenches. See the hilarious tour of the Fox Sports studio after the jump…

Shut Up

Shut Up, SportsCenter: Fox Sports Live Is Going To Kill You

Fox Sports Live SportsCenter

Welcome to SportsGrid’s new Tuesday feature, “Shut Up,” (pronounced: “shut up… comma”) where we add a name after the comma, telling that person to stop saying words, because they’re being stupid. Last week, we decided to tell a country to shut up about porn, by saying: Shut up, the United Kingdom. This week, we say: Shut up, SportsCenter. Fox Sports Live has murdered you.


A Very Sweaty Andrew Marchand Talks To SportsCenter From A Very Sultry 95º Tampa Baseball Field

espn alex rodriguezLet’s go down to our man on the ground, Andrew Marchand, who’s reporting live from the seventh layer of hell. Make sure you get those electrolytes back in you, buddy.

ESPNMedia Monster

ESPN President John Skipper Isn’t Scared Of Fox Sports 1… Should He Be?

Skipper was interviewed by Sports Illustrated‘s Richard Deitsch, and he had a lot to say about ESPN’s massive power. He is not concerned about other competitors. Should he be?

ESPNMedia Monster

‘Fox Sports Live’ Might Not Suck And Actually Has A Chance To Beat Out SportsCenter

They’re shelling out straight $$$$$, and gettin’ straight talent. The deets, after the jump.


Watch Ed Werder Make An Andy Reid Fat Joke, Then Trip Over His Words As He Admires His Own Handiwork

Ed’s real proud of himself for this one, folks. You can tell, because after he makes his little funny about the Chiefs’ new head coach, it takes him a few beats to get his bearings. The sheer thrill of making an Andy Reid fat joke — on SportsCenter, no less — is enough to make one of ESPN’s highest-profile football reporters briefly forget what the hell it was he was talking about in the first place.

ESPNVideoWeird But True

Watch A 16-Year-Old African Chess Champion Beat Tedy Bruschi On A Giant Board

Phiona Mutesi is a 16-year-old Ugandan chess prodigy, having won tournaments all over the continent and the world. Today she joined SportsCenter to discuss her journey to this point with anchor Hannah Storm and crush ESPN employees in matches on a giant chess board.

Media MonsterNBA

Not This Again: SportsCenter Tries To Re-Ingnite A Tired LeBron Controversy

Remember this? Of course you do. It was LeBron James’ big moment, the ultimate fulfillment of his potential, cementing him as one of the greatest players of all time and once and for all ending the questions of whether he could get the job done when it mattered. Except… apparently it didn’t quite eradicate such questions once and for all. And now, they’re creeping back into our lives. Be afraid.

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