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Stephen A. Smith


Stephen A. Smith Loses Bet To Skip Bayless, Has To Wear Romo Jersey On First Take

To add insult to injury, S.A.S. turns 47 today. If only he’d spent more birthdays being held accountable for the wacky shit he says…


Stephen A. Smith Tooting His Own Reporter Horn

He is the shadow in the night. He is the wind. He is the guy on TV who brags about his presence in NBA locker rooms at least once a week. FACT: You cannot take a poop in an NBA locker room with S.A.S. knowing its exact dimensions.


CNN Refuses To Believe Steve Smith Isn’t Stephen A. Smith During Phone Interview

They have basically the same name and a similar look, but Steve Smith played in the NBA for 13 seasons, while Stephen A. Smith sits at a desk with a thesaurus and screams about LeBron.


Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Think Wes Welker Should Be Punished For Popping Molly At The Derby

Skip Bayless’s face is all like, “Are you advocating recreational drug use?” Stephen A.’s all like, “Ehhhhhhhh.”

Media MonsterVideo

‘First Take’ Devolves Further Into Chaos As Stephen A. Smith Rips Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt, The Cowboys And Skip Bayless All At Once

first takeThe “First Take” guys talked about the preseason beating the Seahawks put on the Bears over the weekend, and as you might expect, it was a clusterfuck of trolling.

NFLThey Said What?Video

Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Steelers Running Backs For Their Weed Bust In Hilarious Fashion

smith on weedI mean, it’s not funny, per se, that the Steelers’ entire backfield got arrested yesterday for smoking weed — but it’s kind of funny. Stephen A. Smith makes it funnier.


Stephen A. Smith Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Jay-Z, Shaq, And Skip Bayless

Preferably to get ice bucketed together. Watch Stephen A. Smith give the longest pre-ice bucket challenge speech in internet history (followed by an explanation as to why he particularly isn’t cool with being cold).


TMZ Caught A Very Serious-Looking Stephen A. Smith At The Airport

He’s dealing with it. As for the news media he’s been cast away from — we’re clinging to the story his words created (as evident by this TMZ video). At least he doesn’t have to go on TV and grasp at straws this week like the rest of his colleagues.


ESPN’s First Take Replaces Stephen A. Smith With Herm Edwards, Who Crushes With Tower Of Terror-Manziel Metaphor

stephen a smith first takeHerm Edwards told a story this morning that, coincidentally, better illustrated what Stephen A. Smith tried to say about the Ray Rice situation. Watch the clip, inside…

Media MonsterVideo

CNN Analyst Nails Stephen A. Smith For His Bullshit Apology, ESPN For Not Suspending Him [UPDATE: Smith Off The Air]

stephen a smithThere’s been a lot said about Stephen A. Smith’s “provoke” comments on First Take over the past week, as well as ESPN’s willingness to keep Smith on the air after his apology. But I’m willing to bet nobody has taken Smith and the Worldwide Leader to task as succinctly and fantastically as legal analyst Mel Robbins did on CNN today.

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