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stephen colbert


THE SPÓRT REPÓRT: Colbert Takes On North Korean Sports Drinks, NFL Pain Med Lawsuit, And The Rio Olympics

Once a month, the funniest man in the regular world successfully deconstructs the biggest headlines in the sports world, which is surprising, because Colbert clearly hasn’t watched a sporting event since someone hit a golf ball on the moon.

ComedyNFLSports & RaceVideo

Stephen Colbert Returns To The Air And Addresses That ‘Redskins’ Joke That Prompted #CancelColbert

As a rule, taking Colbert Report segments at face value is a bad idea. Watch him nail his so-called detractors.

ComedyControversy!NFLSports & RaceVideo

Stephen Colbert Nails The ‘Redskins’ Name Controversy And Richie Incognito Bullying Saga In The Same Segment

The Sport Report puts everything in perspective by showing how Fox News is reporting on the issues… A general rule to follow if your looking for moral clarity on any given controversy: Find what Tucker Carlson says about it and run in the opposite direction.

Media MonsterNCAA FootballVideo

Stephen Colbert Is A Strong Supporter Of Florida Atlantic Naming Its Stadium After A For-Profit Prison Company

Earlier this week, we wrote about the news that Florida Atlantic found a… unique source to pay for naming rights to its stadium: the GEO Group, a for-profit prison company. The name caused a fair bit of controversy – so much so that The Colbert Report took notice.


Alexi Lalas Didn’t Appreciate Stephen Colbert’s Inferior Intellect And Hate For “The Beautiful Game”

Alexi Lalas went on the Colbert Report and spoke to Stephen Colbert regarding the recent worldwide soccer match fixing scandal that has football fans like Alexi Lalas really upset. There was mention of Colbert being a “boob” and a GIF-worthy Colbert dive. It was a wondrous segment. Video, after the jump.

2012 Summer OlympicsMedia Monster

The Fierce Five Are Stephen Colbert’s Newest, Most Adorable Interns

We’ve already seen a few interesting things on the whirlwind tour U.S. Olympians are making throughout the nation’s late night talk show couches. A very disinterested Kevin Durant and James Harden and a similarly unimpressed McKayla Maroney among them. But nothing quite tickled our fancy like the appearance the Fierce Five (and their mothers) made on The Colbert Report Wednesday night.

Media MonsterNFLVideo

Stephen Colbert On “God’s Quarterback” Tim Tebow: “Evidently Denver Has Higher Standards Than God”

Even though Tim Tebow being really, really Christian isn’t exactly news, the Easter sermon he delivered in Texas wound up being a pretty big deal – such a big deal that both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report saw fit to mention it last night. Colbert’s segment after the jump.

Media MonsterNFLVideo

Stephen Colbert Is “Shocked – Shocked, I Tell You!” At The Saints’ Bounty Scandal

When it came out last week that the New Orleans Saints’ defense had a bounty system in place that, among other things, rewarded players for knocking opponents out of the game, it was big news, but not necessarily surprising news. After all, football’s a violent game. But that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from expressing indignation as only he can.

Media MonsterNBAVideo

Stephen Colbert Wants Jeremy Lin To Endorse His Line Of Jeremy-Lin-Themed Products

Stephen Colbert was gone last week, and that meant he missed the tidal wave of Jeremy Lin publicity that swept up the NBA. Luckily for him, though, it’s still going strong (Lin’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, for crying out loud) – more than strongly enough for Colbert to devote the opening segment of last night’s program to his own Linsanity.

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