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Steve Nash


This Steve Nash And Dirk Nowitzki Dinner Date Is Filled With Nostalgia, Regret (VIDEO)

nash nowitzkiWhat might have been if Steve Nash had stayed in Dallas? That’s what he wants to know.


One Week After Being Declared Done For The Year, Steve Nash Will Play Tonight

steve nash lakersRemember a week ago when Mike D’Antoni said Steve Nash was done for the year? It didn’t come as a surprise, since Nash has been injured for most of the season, the Lakers are horrible, Kobe is also out, they need to see which young guys are worth keeping, etc. Well, that was SO last week…


MUST SEE: Sportsnet Reporter Interviews Co-Owner Steve Nash At Vancouver Whitecaps Game During Drunk Friend’s Bachelor Party

whitecaps interview nashWhen you’re doing an interview with Steve Nash, always be ready for a curve ball. Sometimes he takes out his tooth. Other times, he’s surrounded by drunk people. Who don’t understand/care how microphones/PR works. Enjoy!


What Happened Last Night: LaMarcus Aldridge Is Clutch, The Lakers Keep Winning

There were sports on TV last night. There are sports on TV most nights. Every night, in fact, except that one weird day during the summer over the All-Star Break when there’s no baseball. So, in case you were out being a person, we’ll let you know what happened.


The Lakers Held An Airing Of Grievances, And It Didn’t Help

The Lakers are a half game closer to the cellar of the Western Conference than they are to the playoffs. Their losing streaks since the beginning of the season include three in a row, nine of 11, 10 of 13, 14 of 22 and 16 of 25. They lost fairly big to the Grizzlies Wednesday night, 106-93. They are 17-25 and not heading in the right direction. Not much is going right for the Lakers, to the point where coach Mike D’Antoni felt compelled to hold an airing of the grievances before the game against Memphis. Clearly it didn’t amount to much.


In The Interest Of Milestones, Here’s Steve Nash’s 10,000th Career Assist

Naturally, the Lakers lost to the Rockets tonight, 125-112. They’re getting awfully good at doing that, but that’s not why we’re here. In the midst of the loss (which dropped the Lakers 15-19), Steve Nash recorded his 10,000th career assist.


This Steve Nash-To-Kobe Bryant Alley-Oop Should Give Lakers Fans Hope

The Lakers actually beat the Warriors — an undoubtedly good team — on the road, in overtime, last night. It was Steve Nash’s first game back from injury and just his third as a Laker, but he still managed 41 minutes and this encouraging alley-oop to Kobe Bryant. These old men have hope, and at least on this play, they have the appearance of youth. They’re still a combined 115 years old, but you wouldn’t know it here.


Report: Keeping Pau Gasol Was A Prerequisite For Steve Nash Signing With Los Angeles

When Steve Nash signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, nixing the New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors in the process, rumors were swirling about Pau Gasol’s future and Dwight Howard’s pending departure from Orlando. Steve Nash, however, only had one demand. Keep Pau Gasol.


Steve Nash’s Leg Injury? Fracture.

Sorry for the sensational headline. Yes, Nash has a fracture in his leg, but it’s not quite that serious.

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