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Super Bowl Commercials


The Full ‘Ian Up For Whatever’ Bud Light Super Bowl Commerical-Thing Is Out (And It’s Nuts)

Guys, you will not believe what happened to me the other night: Bud Light pranked me with the most elaborate ruse ever. Ya, it was nuts. I almost thought my life was turning around, that my dreams were coming true — then the walls opened up and they explained it was all for a Super Bowl commercial. I went back to my Mom’s place in Staten Island and cried into the six pack they paid me with. Good times.


The Era Of Tim Tebow Commercials Has Begun

A career, resurrected. Kinda reminds me of some other famous figure who seemingly came back from the dead. What’s his name? The guy…with the beard. And the wine? Jesus — it’s on the tip of my tongue.


Legally Deaf Seahawks Fullback Derrick Coleman Meets The 9-Year-Olds Who Wrote Him That Touching Letter

This is the single most meaningful moment to come out of the Super Bowl XLVIII media frenzy. Tear-jerker material inside…


UPDATED: Everything You Wanted To Know About The 2014 Super Bowl Commercials (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Your average NFL game yields over 100 commercials. Most of them suck. For the first half of Super Bowl XLVIII, they will not. Here’s how we know. Full round-up of every ad, trailer, and rumor going into this year’s big game, including 13 new spots that were just released…


Critics Rave: The Latest Danica Patrick Go Daddy Ad Is ‘Not That Bad,’ And ‘Less Stupid Than Usual’

A decade of controversial ads with zero mention of the service they provide. Now this — whatever the hell it is.

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Georgia-Based Gun Company Gets Stiff-Armed By NFL For Terrifying Super Bowl Commercial

Whoever made this commercial must have just recently been introduced to subtlety, because it’s incredibly clear that they’re selling guns — which is why the NFL isn’t having any of it. What do you think?

Media MonsterVideo

Will Ferrell: Still Making Weird Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercials That Air Only In A Couple Tiny Markets

Last year, one of the best-received Super Bowl commercials was one hardly anybody saw during the game – Will Ferrell (barely) pimping Old Milwaukee in one of the smallest TV markets in the country. And it went so well that the actor and the band teamed up again this year… and things got weirder.


Super Sneaky Ravens Fan Trolls 49ers Fan In Wonderful Tide Super Bowl Commercial

Not many homes in the United States house a San Francisco 49ers fan and a Baltimore Ravens fan. But we’re glad that Tide paired the two in their Super Bowl commercial,and portrayed the 49ers faithful as past-dwelling clingers and Ravens fans as conniving trolls. This and Taco Bell’s old-people-go-crazy commercial, we think, are the early (late?) clubhouse leaders.

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Here’s That Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial That Made You Cry

OK, yeah, so it was, intentionally or not, a ripoff of that video with those people and the lion. Still: nice sentiment, and way to jerk maximum tears with the song choice. Not bad, Budweiser.

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