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Shock Jock Calls Erin Andrews ‘Gutless Bitch’, FOX Pulls All Advertising From Parent Company’s 101 Stations

We have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned media war, folks. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Giants’ Will Hill Totally Tested Positive From Secondhand Weed Smoke… Totally

New York Giants safety Will Hill is in hot (bong) water after reportedly testing positive for marijuana. But according to a report from NJ.com, Hill is claiming that the positive test stemmed from secondhand exposure to weed smoke, insinuating that he was in a club where others were partaking in the devil’s lettuce but he declined.


The MLB Players’ Union Won’t Kick A-Rod Out Even Though He’s Suing Them

alex rodriguezAnd so continues another stunningly distasteful chapter in a saga full of unseemly and disrespectful dealings between A-Rod and the people who used to employ him, defend him and consider him “a brother.”


Alex Rodriguez Plans To Keep Playing For The Yankees Even If He Loses His Appeal

alex rodriguez

You have to hand it to Alex Rodriguez: He’s gotta have watermelon-sized balls (new term for this: watermeloins). Who else would appeal a 211-game suspension for taking performance enhancing drugs, and then appeal that appeal in an attempt to keep playing while trying to overturn the decision in court?


A-Rod Is Reportedly Not As Stupid As We First Thought

alex rodriguez

There’s still time to change our minds, however.


How Much Dumber Could Von Miller’s Urine Collector Have Been?

von millerYou know it’s going to be a good week when the first story you write centers around a man who watches other people urinate for a living.


This Taiwanese Animation On The Ryan Braun Suspension Features Lance Armstrong And A Walking Urine Sample

Next Media Animation is at it again. The Taiwanese company, known for making ridiculous animations of popular news stories, has applied their talents to the Ryan Braun suspension and the Biogenesis scandal. Their latest animation features insanely large needles, Lance Armstrong, a urine sample with arms and legs, and more.


A Thorough Analysis Of Ryan Braun Lying To The World Last Year While Talking About His Integrity, Honor, And Dignity

“With what’s at stake, this is my livelihood, my integrity, my character, everything that I’ve ever worked for in my life being called into question. We need to make sure that we get it right,” said Ryan Braun a year ago. And get it right we did.


Carmelo Anthony Suspended One Game For Waiting For Kevin Garnett In A Bunch Of Places

Listen, we don’t know for sure whether or not Carmelo Anthony’s wife LaLa Vasquez tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios. We do know, however, that you don’t say that kind of thing to another dude about his wife. Because he will seek you out — on the court, in the hallway, outside the locker room and near the bus. And then he will be suspended for it.

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